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Bringing It All Together In The Reuleaux Triangle – The Psychology of Business (Pt.4)

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In this four-part series on buzzing business psychology, it’s important to tie the three previous concepts together and form one, solid entrepreneurial machine out of you, the business owner.

A Reuleaux triangle is very similar to a Venn diagram, where two circles coincide and have a common thread in the centre, but includes a third, bottom circle which forms a central piece that a triangle can be extracted from.

This triangle is the convergent point of all three circles and shares traits from all of them; these three circles being Imposter syndrome, Authority syndrome and Delusional Self-Belief.

“There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute”


In taking a good look at how psychological biases not only affect us as individuals, but also as business owners and entrepreneurs, it becomes easier to make practical use of that information and make our minds work for us, rather than being slaves to those thoughts and subconscious mishaps.

It becomes increasingly important to understand the world we live in, especially when working with and through people. The science exists and it’s far from a wacky bouquet of horoscopes with generic Barnum statements that falsely determine personalities and the traits that come with them.

For those of you that don’t know, P.T. Barnum was a famous showman, politician and businessman that came up with something we now call the Forer Effect. It basically refers to generalised statements made about people’s personalities that seem to ring true to them on a profound level, but can actually be applied to everybody.

I might be pissing off a whole lot of fortune cookie-eating, horoscope-loving suckers (he called you suckers, first) out there, but statements like this include: “I sense that you are sometimes insecure, especially with people you don’t know very well”; “you’re having problems with a friend or relative”; “you’ve got a bubbly personality, but you can be serious, too.”

A famous quote attached to him is, “there’s a sucker born every minute,” and almost anyone is susceptible to these not-so-profound insights about themselves, as they’re all generic and can have you fooled upon hearing such revelatory ideas about who you are.

It’s so important to understand yourself, especially on a psychological level, to not only prevent being tricked or manipulated; but rather to manipulate or trick yourself into achieving amazing results in any and all areas of your life.

So by taking the knowledge that I’ve shared with you on Imposter syndrome, Authority syndrome and delusional self-belief; you can form a Reuleaux triangle of those three concepts, take the best aspects of all three and thrive.


A Threesome With Anxiety, Creativity And Confidence

Starting with the anxiety-driven biases like Imposter and Authority syndrome, there’s a great sense of humility, empathy, creativity and innovation that comes from having them as a part of your mental state.

Humility becomes so powerful in combating the ego and developing trust with the people that you work and interact with. As a character trait and business tool, people will develop far more trust in you, making you more likeable and attractive – especially in having amazing skills, talents and abilities, while avoiding boastfulness and arrogance.

Empathy has already become recognised as a form of emotional intelligence that makes leaders fantastic and being able to understand, relate to and sympathise with people on a profound level will make you so much more enjoyable, respectable and revered among clients, staff and anybody that you work with. Coupled with humility, the rapport and remarkableness make you stick out like the perfect Black Friday special that nobody can resist.

In Authority syndrome, you have heightened levels of creativity and innovative ways of looking at the world around you. You see the beauty in everything and see the world as a gallery or museum for your artistic endeavours. Producing content, ideas and strategies to navigate your business, your staff and shape society as a whole, is poetic in itself. Sharing life-changing ideas and concepts bring growth to those who are stunted; strength to those who are weak; and power to those who feel powerless.

Bringing innovation to stagnant waters, brings life and a dynamic novelty to the world around us. You’ll be credited, referred to, praised and if not, you’re always still making some sort of a difference and impact on some person’s life. That, in itself, is power.

Finally, delusional self-belief can be used as a powerful weapon to attract and manifest all of your goals, desires and dreams into reality. With the supreme ability to bring about certain outcomes and stunning results in life, based on the thoughts and energy you put out into the world – your posture, body language, engagement and attitude plays a huge role in getting what you want for yourself and your business.

Minus the grandiose and pompous nature of extreme belief in one’s abilities and self-esteem, you create an attractive and awe-inspiring atmosphere that people are drawn to; putting staff, clients, shareholders, partners and anybody else in that awkward position of loving and caring about you, while finding it difficult to hate or dislike the person that you are.

When those three biases converge, that Reuleaux triangle contains within it the best ingredients to make you tenacious and addictive in people’s eyes and their thoughts of you.

Taking note and being aware of these three psychological concepts will help you discern and decide what aspects should stay and what should be done away with. Not everything is dark, gloomy and sad, especially when dealing with struggle, anxiety and grandeur; there is always a silver-lining and a collection of unique and profound attributes to take away and apply to oneself.

Join me in the centre of the Reuleaux Triangle and together we can ignite a wildfire of change and excitement in our offerings to the world around us.

We certainly don’t need to change the whole world, but our circles of influence are malleable enough and highly capable of receiving the vision, love and ecstasy that you, as an entrepreneur and me, as a business coach, have to offer.

I’ll continue to strive to be a gift that keeps on giving: So I’ll give to you my number and email address and we can get into the details together:

+2783 253 3339



The Authority Syndrome – The Psychology of Business (Pt.2)

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Have you ever had the motivation, courage and determination to be highly creative and put your amazing idea or concept out there, only for you to be riddled with the anxiety that nobody will see or hear it, or even worse – not care, at all?

In taking note of how the imposter syndrome and one of its closest counterparts, creative anxiety, both work; I’ve come up with a blended form of the two, which I call authority syndrome.


Noticing it in particular clients that I work with and even in myself, it’s an interesting cognitive bias that leaves you in fear of not being recognised for a creative endeavour that you’ve put out into the world.


“If A Tree Falls In A Forest…”

There’s an interesting philosophical thought experiment that questions human perspective and existence: “if nobody knows it’s there, or that it happened; does it even exist?”

In looking at the authority syndrome, I’ve often found myself in fear and wondering whether or not anybody will even see, recognise or pay attention to some of the creative ambitions and endeavours I want to put out for the world to engage with.

With enough confidence and motivation to create content, generate ideas and formulate concepts, I find that a sense of anxiety follows the desire to put it out there for display – not necessarily because it won’t be good enough, but that nobody will even care to engage with it, or worse: be totally unaware of its existence.

The desire for such recognition is rooted in all of us and social media proves this through our dependency and need for engagement through likes, comments and shares. There becomes a clear distinction between the comfort that comes with creation and the reluctance that comes with putting it out there.

Nobody wants to deal with the harrowing silence that might follow all of the hard-work and effort one puts into something so close to their heart, especially when countless hours and love are put into that process.

This fear spills over into moments that you feel most in control, leaving you with a set of expectations, which in turn extract feelings of being judged; being seen for who you really are; taking criticism; and dealing with any negative feedback from others.


Fighting Through A Lack Of Self-Belief

Both imposter and authority syndrome come from a place of a deep-rooted lack of self-belief; while imposter syndrome has you convinced that your voice does not matter, authority syndrome has you believing that your voice does matter, but that nobody cares and there is no real point in even bothering making use of it.

And as with all of these biases: they’re simply different forms of psychological self-defence mechanisms that try to protect and prevent you from the inevitable unpredictability that life can present you. Safety and security become a necessity, so our minds work to protect us from any potential threats or danger to our mental well-being.

It’s a difficult and painstaking process to deal with mentally, but it is important to remember who the common denominator is: Yourself.

You are the common thread in those thinking processes and need to be self-aware of the contradictory fact that you believe you matter one day, but don’t believe it the next day; you’re in possession of the power to break that vicious cycle.

Growth isn’t about resources, but rather resourcefulness and by taking the decision to grow, rather than struggle – you’ll find success in seeking ways to create a base of fans and interest inside and outside of your business. By understanding the psychology behind how, what and why you do things, you won’t only have insight about yourself, but insight into those that you work with and have in your business.

At the end of the day, you can’t please everybody and by finding acceptance in the fact that there will always be people that criticise the work that you do, everything becomes a lot easier. In order to build something of value, you have to trust yourself to put out the hard-work and energy, regardless of whether or not it’s seen, heard, criticised or loved.

By learning how your thoughts and emotions operate, you’re granted the ability to see that you’re not alone in dealing with the tumultuous environment that your powerful mind can often abandon you in.

You can carry these psychological insights through to the way that you motivate your employees; in hiring the right people; negotiating contracts with clients effectively; improve performance in you and your staff; market in better ways; and achieve your goals far more effectively.

Aristotle’s wise words echo through the ages: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” So in understanding how you think and coming to terms with your own psychological drawbacks, you can make the best decisions for yourself and your business moving forward.

Nobody really cares if you fail and you certainly won’t be punished for making mistakes in your own creative space, so don’t shy away from yourself and the stunning abilities that you gift to the world. Keep on creating, formulating and share it until nobody can look away.


Hopefully this resonates with you on some level and it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears, or ended up a fallen tree in a forest;


If it didn’t matter at all, I’m still fine with that; If it did and meant something to you: give me some feedback, or criticism. I’m still on my journey to becoming the best business coach that I can be, especially for someone like you.

Let me know how you feel and together we can come up with a way to turn that fallen tree into a loud and captivating euphony that you can be proud of:

+2783 253 3339


It’s Been One Hell Of A Year, So Stop Punishing Yourself.

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So the year is fast approaching its apex and although there is a massive pressure built-up to get as much done as humanly possible in this final stretch – it should be said that it’s okay to start taking it easy and right before tinnitus kicks in, to turn down the volume just a little bit.

We can all agree that this year has been extremely unpredictable, to say the least and (without any lube) it’s taken almost every business for a rough ride; leaving many limping away in shame.

I’m usually one for telling my clients to end the year off on a high note, with high-energy and a force not to be reckoned with, but this time is a little bit different.

It’s been tough. So don’t push yourself to the edge, we’ve made it through one crazy year.


Fight, Flight, or Just Chill 

Other than the fact that the year has been emotionally taxing on everyone, dealing with a crisis that nobody could have foreseen, there are numerous reasons to be counting your blessings and taking joy in the fact that you’ve made it this far.

With a barrage of complications putting us on edge, Covid has certainly left behind a rotting and pungent smell.

When Ramaphosa pops up on TV, we’re left with surges of stress and adrenaline – what now? Another lockdown, more regulations? Constantly in a state of uncertainty, we find ourselves causing more harm than good.

In typical situations that call for a fight or flight response, our bodies produce the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. We’re forced to make quick decisions that cause a momentary stress for us and have to deal with the outcome as quickly as possible.

However, this pandemic has forced us on a slow-drip of these stress hormones; giving us short doses every time a new rule, regulation or barrier is presented to us. This cannot be healthy and certainly creates high-levels of discomfort in our psyche.

This slow release of hormones makes us anxious, edgy and hypersensitive (almost like a bunch of crack addicts) which in itself is physically and psychologically draining, taking a hefty toll on our minds and bodies.

We’re certainly not getting enough of the feel-good hormones, serotonin and dopamine, and need to seek out some of that good shit to find some balance amongst the chaos rummaging through our bodies.

That’s why it’s so important to ease off on yourself, a little bit more than usual. Take a bit of a chill pill and relax. I’m not saying drop everything, say “fuck it, I’m done” and walk away. Just don’t be so hard on yourself to reach unrealistic expectations for yourself, or your business.


A Three-Phase Plan to Find A Bit Of Solace

In the struggles that businesses are facing, there needs to be some sort of comfort found.

By constantly attempting to seize the day, ‘carpe diem’ acts as an anchor and defence mechanism, instead of a motivator. If I stay as busy as possible, I don’t need to face the guilt and think about all the stress that wants to give me an ass-kicking.

Don’t be trapped by the guilt of being highly productive; being a little bit useless or lazy is OKAY. It doesn’t have to be binary – either keep producing (1), or I’m useless (0).

You’re only human.

Take a little break and think about these three phases to deal with the end-of-year demand:

Phase 1: Is to understand. Become aware of the circumstances and understand the threat to your well-being. We all know that Covid is a huge reason for our current state of stress and this can extend to financial insecurity, guilt and anxiety around what could come next.

Phase 2: Show compassion (to yourself). There’s no better time to take a step back and show a degree of love towards yourself, be compassionate towards the hell that you’ve gone through, at least you can rest assured knowing that you’re not the only one. Give yourself time to rest and recover a little bit. Find the dopamine and serotonin in life to bring back some of that swagger.

Phase 3: Be a little bit fatalistic. I don’t generally believe in fate and prefer knowing that I have control over my circumstances, but it’s important to sometimes go with the flow, instead of trying your hardest to swim upstream. What are you constantly fixating on in your head? Let it go. Not being aware of the future reality that awaits is perfectly okay. It doesn’t serve you to wonder “what if?” rather deal with what is.

A quote by Eckhart Tolle, that certainly resonates with me, “life will always give you the experience that is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience that you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment,” goes to show that certain things happen for a reason and are meant to shape and mould you into a better person and business-owner at the end of the day.

Being present, living in the moment and finding acceptance of the current circumstances we’re being faced with will bring you far more peace-of-mind, than by needlessly stressing and wondering about what could be.

It’s okay not to over-work yourself over the next few weeks. Don’t push yourself too hard and have the burden of unnecessary pressure on yourself. You’ve done your best.

Focus on the easy high-impact work in the final stretch of the year and don’t bother working too hard on difficult low-impact work that will keep you in a state of crazy.


I leave you with this final quote:

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality,” Lucius Annaes Seneca.


I’ve been working hard to find inner peace and to be guilt-free in this time of intense change. It can be difficult to ease the mind.

If you’re facing that crunch and have an outpour of stress that your business is suffering, don’t hesitate to contact me. Sometimes it helps to have someone that has your back and understands what you’re going through and that you can talk openly to:

+2783 253 3339





What will your network say about you?

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Brand is not what you tell your customers, Brand is what your customers tell their friends.

In order to make money and be successful as an employee / business owner in South Africa – you need network. SA is a referral economy and your network is everything. The power and size of your network is directly proportionate to your future success. So what is network?

You know those people who are mid-level in your client base today? The people you studied with? Well, one day they will be leaders of large organisations and hopefully, you have proven your credibility, consistently for years so that when they are in power, you can be their provider. Your network is the people on the call today. I am your network. The longer you work, the harder you build your credibility, the more successful you will most likely be one day.

Here is the equation:

A strong network + credibility + skills to solve a problem = SUCCESS. simple.

BUT a network without credibility is worthless as credibility is your success currency. Being negative, being sloppy, being mediocre, being overly political in the workspace etc. etc. ruins credibility. You are a brand. You are building your own brand. Brand ME. What are people saying about your brand?  Are you credible? Are you leaving a trail of ambassadors for your brand behind you or a trail of non-believers? Or even worse – people who deliberately bad-mouth you because of poor historic performance?

Ask yourself daily: What will the people on this call say about me in the years to come? remarkable? forgettable? strong worth ethic or a little lazy?

Your network will never remember the work you did or the project you delivered in 5 to 10 years from today, but they will remember the way you delivered the work, the manner in which you spoke to them and the value you added to their lives. That is credibility. That is what determines your future success.

spillly brent spilkin

THE R50 AVOCADO. | Lockdown Lessons day 23

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spillly brent spilkin

20 April 2020

Dear You,

How are you doing coping, coping and surviving?

I’m not an economist and if you are reading this, my guess is neither are you. Good. Let’s continue. There is a deluge of information being pushed into our conscious at the moment that speaks to the global depression, global recession, socialism vs. capitalism, universal basic income, the green movement and even minimalism. All of these ‘isms’ are stratospheric in thinking and don’t relate to yours and my everyday existence. The question that I’m now looking for an answer is “How does this affect me, my family and my bank account?

Let me unpack some of the bad news, the way I see it, which hopefully will lead us to a silver lining. WARNING: This is not a motivational piece; it’s a DE-motivational post that should give you awareness so you can act accordingly.

All this talk about a V-Graph, a U graph and flattening curves is mute. What is significant to me is how long this economic downturn, curve and flat line will last. Looking back at the 2008 economic crisis that was spurned by poor banking regulations and some fairly dishonest business leaders, is no-where near the size of this global setback brought on by the pandemic at hand. After the 2008 crisis South Africa lost approximately 850,000 jobs, which took 11 years to claw back to the 2009 numbers. The current unemployment figures are sitting pre-Covid at 38%. Some smart people are estimating this will slip to roughly 50% in the coming months. During the 2008 crisis and aftermath we also had the joy of experiencing the Zuma administration and its cronyism that has also pushed us to the brink exacerbating the entire situation. Covid pulled the proverbial trigger on an unstable situation.

The American government has allocated what looks like close to 10% of the annual US GDP to the financial relief and support efforts. That means that if every single person stopped producing work and every single business closed down the package could sustain everyone for 36,5 days [10% of the year.] This is not accurate as not everyone will stop working, the unemployment rate is nowhere near SA’s and some businesses will actually increase in size and add jobs to their payroll. Some of the European countries are allocating about 15% of GDP to the effort. Unfortunately South Africa does not have the resources of these developed countries and by early counts is only able to allocate 1% of our GDP to rescue efforts – 3,5 days in total. [Again, not an accurate number, but you get the grim point.]

Take these numbers and add a Dollar exchange rate of 18,9 [correct at writing] and the economy is going to strain massively under the leash of reduced consumer demand [less people with money to spend], retrenchments and expensive imports. So, what does this mean for us? If you are fortunate enough to walk away from the lockdown with a job that pays what you were earning before this trauma, then consider yourself lucky but be aware that your disposable income wont go a far as it did back in first quarter of 2020. It may be a few months before the current imports hit the shelves of your local store so don’t be fooled that things cost the same in the coming weeks as retailers and importers have hedged the last imports at pre-corona rates.

The best way I can explain the pain the top few percent of South African earners will feel is as follows; those beautiful Spanish Avocados that you buy from Woolworths will cost upward of R50 each. That’s going to make for an expensive Avo on toast.

So what you can you actually do now to prepare for this decrease in your buying power?

With the forced #stayinside you have undoubtedly seen a saving in fuel, gym memberships, double almond cappuccinos and those social dinners that cost 3 bags of groceries. According to change management theory a habit takes 21 days of repetition to gain traction. If you have seen a similar trend in your own household and can keep this habit going you can save a substantial amount of money of the coming years. Now this is not a lesson on wastage and rampant consumerism but perhaps buying local seasonal food and cooking a few times more a week could put a few thousand Rands back in your cash flow. Reduce your medical aid packages, downgrade your Internet connection and don’t upgrade that iPhone

Be ruthless with household cost cutting. Set a budget and treat it like the 10 commandments. Turn your sieve into a bucket and save money for the second wave of this pandemic. This will not only allow you to make it through the coming months but perhaps will even see you save for an early retirement filled with R50 Avos!

Thank you,



for further info please feel free to contact me

I’m thrilled about the Covid Lockdown extension | A sales strategy for fearless leaders with cash.

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10 April 2020

Dear you,

Covid overload. Death tolls. Minimalism. Flattened curves. Acts of kindness. Memes. Screen fatigue. Emotional health. Conspiracy theories. Short-termism. Existential crisis. Lead generation webinars disguised as support networks. Oh, woe is me. Dick-stain Trump. I’m over this pandemic. Over the panic. Over waiting for the financial pain to come, but then so is your opposition and perhaps substantially more so. If you have money in the bank today, you may have a life raft. Now all you need is a way to paddle into prosperity.

Now, here is the part that you may not like. It may even turn you off a little. Get someone to hold back your hair while you throw up. Look away if you are scared. Be afraid of what I’m about to say:

Kill your opposition. Ensure they are drowning in the freezing shark infested waters of despair. Don’t pretend you give a shit, you don’t.

The lockdown extension is a blessing. Your glib, living the Instagram best life bastard-of-an-opponent that’s been sipping Champagne on the top deck of the Titanic and is always at the pitch table too, is most likely leveraged to the hilt, geared to kingdom come and not making payments on those gas guzzling German cars he/she couldn’t afford to buy cash. They have no life raft. Let them drown.

Your competition has bled all their cash and not acted quickly enough. They never booked a dingy. They have recently ruined their relationships with their own clients fighting over payments and pauses. Post lockdown, they desperately need to protect margin to keep the shareholders, the stakeholders, the sharks and the banks at bay. Why not learn and adopt a sales strategy from some of the most aggressively growing business in the world today? And it’s an uncomplicated one. Ready?


Don’t make a profit.


That’s it. Simple. For the next 6 months learn to live on the knife-edge of cash flow and zero profit and if today you have the stomach for this and some cash in the bank, sell at below cost and see how quickly the competition capsizes. Nobody can compete with zero margins when they are encumbered to others.

Pitch on everything at break-even. Land grab. Offer the competitions’ clients a life raft now. They too, are looking for deals as they have suffered and need support and cheap services. Brag ashamedly about your company’s stability, durability and reliability and ensure the market knows you will survive future traumas together. Unscathed.

The rich businesses will get richer and the majority middle class may be wiped out. Ephemeral thinking is for the middle class. Being eager to claw back profits now will flatten your oppositions curve. Why offer them a lifeboat to cling to when you can chum the waters?



Thanks to my editor at large @TheJoLurie


THE THREE C’S OF COVID | Lockdown Lessons.

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Last week, I growled a few times and then spoke about my learnings from Day 1 of lockdown. It was rather uplifting in nature and inspirational in tone. Don’t get used to that. Today I’m writing to you with a far more aggressive stance. No lube. No pulled punches. No sanitiser on the trolley. Hold tight.

                                                 6 April 2020

Dear You,

Your initial shock of remote working, the lockdown and an immanent economic depression should have settled down by now, leaving you with the raw reality of your cash reserves, the hard conversations with your team and clients, and the harder conversation you haven’t had with yourself, yet.

You now face the 3 C’s of Covid, all resulting in change. Yes, the 3 C’s – I’m making this shit up as we go.*

The first C is CHOICE

You have the power to make choices now. Being proactive, even if the path is unknown, gives you huge agency and allows you to thrive as a leader. As with all choices in life, it’s advisable to have your facts checked and not just rely on gut. Unfortunately, in the time of pandemics, your choice is often as good as my guess. Choice is a state of mind. Let me butcher a Casey Neistat quote here: You can be a hater and doubter sipping champagne on the top deck of the Titanic or you can be the fucking iceberg! Choose choice.

I-C-E-B-E-R-G ahead!



The current circumstances have left you with fewer choices than you may want right now. You are in the dangerous middle ground where you can either make a move, choose a direction and be that I-C-E-B-E-R-G or wait out the circumstances and let fate or whatever deity you believe in, make that choice for you. This is not advisable. However, you may find yourself in too deep where Circumstance has already come and gone left you in the firm grasp of our third C, Crisis.


Nothing makes you change faster than crisis. Crisis is not the 4-lettered C word you know, but it certainly feels like that. If you have passed the phase of “why am I here and how did this happen?” and have no real choice to make, you my friend, are in Crisis mode. You have to make a choice, but don’t have any real options on the choice. Sound familiar?

Now, you may swear that you become the best version of yourself under pressure and live in crisis-mode. Were you the kid that always wrote his assignment the day before it was due? Are you always fighting people crisis, client chaos, and cash flow stress? Great but this is different. This is South African Revenue Services coming after you personally; this is a CCMA case, this is not paying suppliers, avoiding calls and getting summoned. This is not Mrs White, your high school English teacher telling you to sit in detention because you never handed in your homework.

The good news is that crises always happen and they always end. It’s how you look at the end that matters now and picking ‘Choice’ may not leave you with cash in the bank, but it will leave you with credibility. It will leave you with loyal staff who see you as a strong leader. It will leave you being a trustworthy partner in whatever you land up doing next.

IQ was the shit in 1980.

EQ was the shit in 2010.

CQ is the shit in 2020.

CQ is your change quotient – Your ability to adapt to your new ever-changing environment.

The Titanic had no CQ.

Be the I-C-E-B-E-R-G!



*Special thanks to Mari Lee of Devcom who shared the initial change theory with me

I hope you are quietly freaking out. Lockdown Lessons. Day 1.

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27 March 2020

Dear You,

I hope you are doing well.

Actually, no, that’s a fucking lie! I hope you are quietly freaking out with uncertainty and a lack of control. Deep down you know that your attitude is wrong. Your goals are wrong and that you should stop with the “just survive” mentality and start thinking about ways to thrive and grow rapidly in this opportune time.

Think big.

Today, there is opportunity everywhere. The money is moving. It’s moving sideways in industries. It’s leapfrogging between industries. There are bargains to be had. You could be buying businesses at 20c on the Rand. You could be partnering with larger businesses that aren’t as cash flush as you. You could be saving your opposition and taking equity. One man’s pain could be your pleasure. Start thinking about it. If someone is in pain, someone will benefit. Go after those people and never stop selling. In times of famine, the gravediggers make money. Become a gravedigger or at the very least, start selling shovels.


Today’s sales are easier than ever. I may agree with you that “No one is buying now,” and this may even be true for the next few days BUT access to the C-suite has never been easier. Think about it. Their excuses to see you are less. No one is “going to Cape Town” for a few days. No one is on leave. No one is having full day culture workshops. The CEO is sitting at home with his/her screaming 3 year old and is in the same situation as you. He/she has no 9-5. He/she has no Monday to Friday. He/she is online and available to sales after hours. Before hours. Weekends.

Not only is he/she available for 20 minutes, you can now sell to 20 CEOs at the same time, for 20 minutes. Create thought leadership material and run a webinar. Invite the 20 non-opposing wishlist clients and add value to the network. Sales en-masse. No restrictions. Be smart NOW. Timing is everything.

The office.

Remote working has holes. It’s your call on whether you want an office in future or not. Each has pros and cons. Each has costs and savings. Each requires a different kind of employee. Each requires your existing team to have a different mind-set. Each requires a different type of client. Each requires a different kind of boss. There is no right or wrong – just a future you choose, so choose wisely. No knee jerk reactions required here. While you are in a forced experiment, work out if this is your future and if the rental loss is worth the trade offs.

In remote offices the tech is easy. The culture is hard. The people management is hard. Giving autonomy and not checking bums in seats, is hard. Motivation and inspiration is hard. Always on, is hard. Measuring output and ignoring input is even harder. Not paying rent – easy.

Your team will save time and petrol money in the weeks to come. It’s your job to get them to make other savings in their household right now, too. Your business needs variable overheads, so does your staff.


Give your clients space to breathe now. Be empathetic to their circumstances. They are feeling as much pain or more than you are. They may leave you. They may ‘pause’ your services. How you deal with them today will determine if they ever come back to you and if they will ever refer you. Are you building a trust-based relationship with them now? Isn’t that what you want? If they leave you now, just be there in the coming weeks. Pick up the phone and check in. This will serve you well in future.

While they are sitting in their lounges with pictures of their kids hanging on the wall behind them, they have dropped the boardroom attire and pretence. They are human just like you and this is the chance you never had to get close to them- the human.


You are building a product right now aren’t you? Something “smart” that can be sold online to the masses. You are moving from a niche physical business to a mass online business. Don’t do that. Don’t be silly. You have no idea how that business operates, markets and lives on such small profits. Make what you do today an essential service for tomorrow, like sanitizer- but not so overpriced.


Stop thinking about today’s loss.

Stop thinking about the week’s loss.

Stop thinking about the month’s losses.

Start thinking about 18-24 months from now.

Who will you be? What will your business do? Will you be relevant? This is all a small blips in your business lifecycle. A deep painful pimple. Don’t squeeze it. Don’t scratch it. Don’t pop it – it will scar. It’s ugly. It’s sore but it will heal in time and you will forget about it.

Best practice:

  1. You would never walk up to a lioness and try prying her new cubs away with your bare hands. Protect your cash like a lioness protects her cubs -GRRROWL!
  2. Chase your debtors like Al Capone. Get paid now and stop being soft.
  3. Get close enough to clients to contract Covid. (Not literally Obvs). You need to know what’s going on in their business before they do. They may be at risk. This puts you at risk. Timeous Information is everything.
  4. Be ruthless with cutting overheads. Overheads may be a euphemism for your people. If they need to go for the greater good – CHOP!
  5. Think about thriving, not surviving. Prosper don’t insulate. Hunt down what you want – GRRROWL!
  6. You are not alone – ask for help. Join a community. Hell! – Build a community.


If you have kids that can still be influenced by you – scare the fuck out of them. That’s right! Make this pandemic their World War 2. Hopefully by the time they run for government office or have the vote, they will move the defence budgets to the influenza budget and the war chests to the disease control departments. More people have died of flu since World War 2 than people died in both world wars combined and yet we build guns, not vaccines. By the time I’m an old man, I’m selfishly hoping the next generation use this war and its scars, to build systems and departments that will protect the old people [me] from the Covids of 2050.

It’s a new scary world with no playbook. No rules. This is your chance to write the rules. Write the playbook. Write the future chapters of your career. Innovation and iteration of your product is dead. This is ground zero. It’s time to rejuvenate. It’s time to reincarnate. It’s time to reinvent yourself, your business and your legacy.



Start a Movement, Make It Public and Embrace Failure.

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During the past few public speaking gigs I have been fortunate enough to have presented, it’s become so clear to me, than every person, regardless of being a business owner or employee, needs to own page 1 of Google, if searched for by name.

I started Business, Bikes and Breakfast as a pet project, an experiment, a fun day out in February 2019 with nothing more than an idea, an Instagram page and some cool images stolen of the interwebs. Its now reached hundreds of people and is gaining momentum both in the paid for coaching events as well as the free social rides. This is my movement. This is my culture. This is my expertise and this is me owning my narrative and Google page 1!

Here is what I believe in:

  • EMBRACE FAILURE [and keep improving!]

Very simple in nature and way more difficult in practise. I’ve started a community, which is hard, but hugely satisfying.

In the years to come, it will be these communities and events that will give me pleasure, not give me regrets and will the things I’ve done in life I’m most proud of on the business front.

There are a few other lessons learned here too:

  1. Double niche [Entrepreneurs who own bikes].
  2. Allow the community to contribute and change the way you operate in some way.
  3. Document the hell out of the events.
  4. Share content and let the community become your ambassadors and influencers.
  5. Fail publicly, you wont regret it.

If you want to find out more, drop me an email or Whatsapp.

Enjoy some of the images below from the 2nd BBBRAP social ride in Jo’burg on the 16th February. [All the cool ones are thanks to Richard Harper]