In this four-part series on buzzing business psychology, it’s important to tie the three previous concepts together and form one, solid entrepreneurial machine out of you, the business owner.

A Reuleaux triangle is very similar to a Venn diagram, where two circles coincide and have a common thread in the centre, but includes a third, bottom circle which forms a central piece that a triangle can be extracted from.

This triangle is the convergent point of all three circles and shares traits from all of them; these three circles being Imposter syndrome, Authority syndrome and Delusional Self-Belief.

“There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute”


In taking a good look at how psychological biases not only affect us as individuals, but also as business owners and entrepreneurs, it becomes easier to make practical use of that information and make our minds work for us, rather than being slaves to those thoughts and subconscious mishaps.

It becomes increasingly important to understand the world we live in, especially when working with and through people. The science exists and it’s far from a wacky bouquet of horoscopes with generic Barnum statements that falsely determine personalities and the traits that come with them.

For those of you that don’t know, P.T. Barnum was a famous showman, politician and businessman that came up with something we now call the Forer Effect. It basically refers to generalised statements made about people’s personalities that seem to ring true to them on a profound level, but can actually be applied to everybody.

I might be pissing off a whole lot of fortune cookie-eating, horoscope-loving suckers (he called you suckers, first) out there, but statements like this include: “I sense that you are sometimes insecure, especially with people you don’t know very well”; “you’re having problems with a friend or relative”; “you’ve got a bubbly personality, but you can be serious, too.”

A famous quote attached to him is, “there’s a sucker born every minute,” and almost anyone is susceptible to these not-so-profound insights about themselves, as they’re all generic and can have you fooled upon hearing such revelatory ideas about who you are.

It’s so important to understand yourself, especially on a psychological level, to not only prevent being tricked or manipulated; but rather to manipulate or trick yourself into achieving amazing results in any and all areas of your life.

So by taking the knowledge that I’ve shared with you on Imposter syndrome, Authority syndrome and delusional self-belief; you can form a Reuleaux triangle of those three concepts, take the best aspects of all three and thrive.


A Threesome With Anxiety, Creativity And Confidence

Starting with the anxiety-driven biases like Imposter and Authority syndrome, there’s a great sense of humility, empathy, creativity and innovation that comes from having them as a part of your mental state.

Humility becomes so powerful in combating the ego and developing trust with the people that you work and interact with. As a character trait and business tool, people will develop far more trust in you, making you more likeable and attractive – especially in having amazing skills, talents and abilities, while avoiding boastfulness and arrogance.

Empathy has already become recognised as a form of emotional intelligence that makes leaders fantastic and being able to understand, relate to and sympathise with people on a profound level will make you so much more enjoyable, respectable and revered among clients, staff and anybody that you work with. Coupled with humility, the rapport and remarkableness make you stick out like the perfect Black Friday special that nobody can resist.

In Authority syndrome, you have heightened levels of creativity and innovative ways of looking at the world around you. You see the beauty in everything and see the world as a gallery or museum for your artistic endeavours. Producing content, ideas and strategies to navigate your business, your staff and shape society as a whole, is poetic in itself. Sharing life-changing ideas and concepts bring growth to those who are stunted; strength to those who are weak; and power to those who feel powerless.

Bringing innovation to stagnant waters, brings life and a dynamic novelty to the world around us. You’ll be credited, referred to, praised and if not, you’re always still making some sort of a difference and impact on some person’s life. That, in itself, is power.

Finally, delusional self-belief can be used as a powerful weapon to attract and manifest all of your goals, desires and dreams into reality. With the supreme ability to bring about certain outcomes and stunning results in life, based on the thoughts and energy you put out into the world – your posture, body language, engagement and attitude plays a huge role in getting what you want for yourself and your business.

Minus the grandiose and pompous nature of extreme belief in one’s abilities and self-esteem, you create an attractive and awe-inspiring atmosphere that people are drawn to; putting staff, clients, shareholders, partners and anybody else in that awkward position of loving and caring about you, while finding it difficult to hate or dislike the person that you are.

When those three biases converge, that Reuleaux triangle contains within it the best ingredients to make you tenacious and addictive in people’s eyes and their thoughts of you.

Taking note and being aware of these three psychological concepts will help you discern and decide what aspects should stay and what should be done away with. Not everything is dark, gloomy and sad, especially when dealing with struggle, anxiety and grandeur; there is always a silver-lining and a collection of unique and profound attributes to take away and apply to oneself.

Join me in the centre of the Reuleaux Triangle and together we can ignite a wildfire of change and excitement in our offerings to the world around us.

We certainly don’t need to change the whole world, but our circles of influence are malleable enough and highly capable of receiving the vision, love and ecstasy that you, as an entrepreneur and me, as a business coach, have to offer.

I’ll continue to strive to be a gift that keeps on giving: So I’ll give to you my number and email address and we can get into the details together:

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