“Spillly with 3 Ls”

Brent Spilkin, affectionately called “Spillly with 3 Ls” has spent the last 25-odd years discovering what makes him happy besides architecture, driving ambulances, pickling mango achaar, distribution and redeveloping the inner city. He now gets his kicks from growing talented creative individuals and entrepreneurs in their businesses around the world by putting them through his business coaching methodology.

With an innate ability to develop

relationships with strangers and his

passion to communicate his opinions

Spillly developed a persona that has allowed him to flourish in the public speaking arena and also gave him the opportunity to host an online radio show, lecture business at reputable tertiary schools, invest in tech startups and work with international brands in the media space. He is a loud-mouthed, tech-adopting, motorcycle-riding business coach who won’t settle for mediocrity. He has an endless supply of hope when it comes to the resurrection of a beautiful, successful South Africa in which he wants to live and thrive.

Spillly has helped over 200 businesses and their owners develop, manage crisis, strategize and flourish and has clients throughout South Africa, Israel, Australia, Europe and The United States. His clients now generate over two billion Rands worth of annual sales revenue. With a recent worldwide explosion in the independent professional and freelance market, Spillly has written a book entitled ‘What The Freelance – a Mini MBA for the Creative and Digital Freelancer’ that is now lectured through tertiary schools nationally to small business owners and independent professionals alike.

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5 things you

never knew…


Spillly owned a food production business for 17 years that employed 400 staff, had 19 properties around the country procuring and processing fruit and supplied your corner café/spaza-container to the largest retailers in the country with his own brands and house-brands.

Fact: The business sold over 7 million kilograms of pickled mango per year.


For 2 years Spillly helped a residential property business in the Jo’burg inner city grow and manage their 22 buildings and thousands of tenants.

Fact: The conversion of a 14-story office building to student residential rooms used his architectural studies for the first time since he stopped studying in 1994.


Spillly sits on several boards in multiple industries and strategically guides businesses to financial stability and freedom for the owners.

Fact: most boards are inefficient and are poorly run. Ok, that’s an opinion not a fact.


Spillly believes that the future of South Africa’s stability will come out of the small entrepreneurial businesses and has made investments into multiple start up companies in order for them to grow, create employment and give generational wealth to the people who never had an inheritance before.

Fact: Spillly invested in his personal assistant, starting her virtual PA business up and helping her and her family become independent of others.


There are over 22,000 freelancers in South Africa that have had no formal business training and can’t easily get home loans or credit as they are deemed “unemployed” by SARS and the banks. With his Freelance MBA, creative freelancers are setting up entities, paying taxes and are now being seen as small businesses.

Fact: It took 2 years to write the 340 page MBA book and 3 months to turn that into an accredited course. It’s also really, really hard to write a book.


I was fortunate enough to have Brent as my business coach for a period of three years. Hiring Brent as my business coach is without a doubt the best decision I have made since starting my business. Brent’s approach to coaching is not just about the professional, but he took all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my business. He listens exceptionally well and encouraged me to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss then he provided his perspective. Brent is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and real.

Prudence SprattMD, Panthera Digital

One-on-One coaching session with Brent Spilkin this morning. His wisdom is sublime, his advice realistic and I'm truly blessed to have crossed paths with him. I highly recommend him to other business owners - my lights have been switched on!!!

Hayley JoyMD.

Spillly's advice and direction has been invaluable to me. We have had chats on everything from motivation, profitability, growth, long term, short term and medium term strategy. He has an incredible wisdom and agency ability and gives a perspective on business and management that cannot be gleaned from friends and other industry professionals. I wouldn't be where I am today without him, I have had 3 coaches in my life and Spillly has out shined and out lasted them all.

Ryan SauerMD, King James Digital