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5 signs that you are a douche

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After the wedding where you were the best man, you write a scathing blog post about how shit the speeches and catering was and how incredibly average the bride looked. After a quick sex session where you never let her climax, you roll over and claim that the shag was a solid 3 out of […]

My Twitter character infographic. I am what I tweet.

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  You can get this free, from http://visual.ly/twitter Twitter is fun @Spillly    

27 Reasons Why everyone is Unfollowing You On Twitter

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“Why is everyone unfollowing me?”   chances are: You tweet too much You don’t tweet enough You always spam me You’re following Bots You keep asking people to follow you You openly discuss personal stuff but you take everything personally You act like an enemy You don’t have a bio and you still have an […]

We can’t all be Justin Bieber.

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I often get asked how many followers I have on Twitter. I proudly tell who ever is asking the number, but the crucial part I don’t mention and rarely get asked is “how many people do you follow?” For me the two questions should go hand in hand. I cant see how the number of followers can […]

Birthing tunnel.

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The lonely red chair.

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Social Media Revolution

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thanks to Don Packett for this link!

The new Dot FNB in hyde park is straight out of Buck Rogers.

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Well done guys.


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The 10 Biggest Social Media Lies

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The 10 Biggest Social Media Lieshttp://www.datamation.com/networks/the-10-biggest-social-media-lies-1.html