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Something that is extremely important in creating a strong sense of customer satisfaction, loyalty and love for your business and brand is through doing things that are out of the ordinary; above and beyond what your client or customer expects of you.

Through these techniques, you etch an incredible impression on not only the minds of your clients, but also their hearts – creating a sense of wonder and joy when they think about you.

These two awesome acronyms will have you remarked on and scoring tonnes of brownie points from your clients, trust me.

SAD And MOM Are Basically One In The Same

 I’m sure that you’re a bit confused now: all of this shit about mom being sad and a sad mom, what am I even going on about?

Let me explain:

SAD stands for Surprise and Delight, while MOM stands for Moments of Magic. Both of these are basically one in the same and are methods to get your clients to fall in love with you, regardless of your USP.

As a matter of fact, acting on these methods become almost as important as the product or service that your business offers and I encourage all of my clients to make use of these techniques at any and all times.

What it basically refers to is creating exactly those things for your customers – moments of magic that they are attracted to and enamoured by that will have you win them over and spread your brand like warm butter to all who they are capable of influencing.

A moment of magic can come in many different shapes and forms, such as: sending hand-written notes, gifts, coupons, tickets; involving them in your social media through competitions, prizes, retweets, rewards; and even some personal interaction from on top through phone calls, emails, video messages all by the CEO, owner, or managers.

These moments of magic will end up creating a surprise and a sense of delight for your clients, which strengthens their bond, loyalty and trust in your business and the brand as a whole.

In this day and age, customer satisfaction is bigger than ever and creating a delightful or magical experience for them will ultimately shoot your business into stardom or have it dragged down into the fiery depths of hell to suffer for the rest of eternity. (Indeed a gross exaggeration, but some great hyperbole where it’s needed).

At the end of the day, your customer or client makes your business, well, a business, and without them you’d be left to struggle on your own. So plenty of emphasis needs to be placed on their value and how better to show them that you value them through these magic words.


Under promise And Overdeliver

This focus and intention on bringing amazing service that your customer or client doesn’t expect will only yield better results for you and your company.

You should be implementing these tactics from the beginning of your journey with the client, as well – being aware of trying to surprise them from the early exposure that they have of your business; from the Instagram ads, to the billboards, to the first time they spend money with you.

And bear in mind that these moments of magic shouldn’t be ad-hoc, either, but should be built into your customer-engagement process; they should be part of the customer journey, by creating magical moments at every stage to surprise and delight them.

Through my journey as a business coach, I’ve come across some amazing ways that entrepreneurs do this in the most remarkable and awe-inspiring methods you can think of – and they are all very simple.

At the very basic level, do what you say that you’re going to do and deliver the product or service to the best of your ability; do what they expect and then give them more than what they’re expecting (deliver more, or earlier, or under-budget, or anything that gives them a positive reaction toward that which they weren’t expecting).

Give them something that they didn’t know they needed and always thank them for being a client of yours.

Take the time to figure out what makes them excited, happy or brings them joy and be the first to act on it. You’ll end up becoming that much more remarkable in their eyes and they’ll absolutely adore you for it.


Almost Like A Fright, Make It Memorable

I sometimes like to give my daughter a small fright, waiting around the corner and surprising her with a tiny jolt of adrenaline. It’s not to be malicious or sadistic in any way, but after the small surge of adrenaline, the dopamine kicks in and we both have a good giggle.

There’s a small moment that the surprise has us both bonding and laughing at the outcome and I’m sure that she’s going to get me back very soon; in the end it becomes a memorable moment of surprise that we both look back at, laugh about and enjoy.

I’m not recommending spooking your clients or customers into moments of magic, but those surprises work in wonderful ways that are both memorable and impressionable.

It is often more important to surprise and delight or present moments of magic for your client than the actual product or service that you provide; as bad as that might sound, some clients don’t care that much about the work you’re doing, but will certainly care about being surprised and delighted at any given moment.

A huge part of winning loyalty, keeping yourself relevant to the market and building relationships with the client – using this tactic is so powerful in and of itself.

You can find loads of ways that this tactic is used by massive businesses that don’t even need to bother doing it, but it always ends up working in their favour. Most making use of social media campaigns like Mercedes-Benz sending branded gifts to clients; or Mastercard sending out concert tickets, coupons and celebrity meet and greets.

Steal this tactic and use it in your business, reap the benefits of unending loyalty from your clients – you can thank me later.

OR! You can thank me now, by considering me as your business coach.

I make great coffee, give good back rubs and the banter is always on point. Jokes aside, I will surprise and delight you in helping you develop your business and aid you in forming the greatest, most impactful entrepreneur you weren’t aware you could be.

Make a moment of magic for us both and get in touch with me:


+2783 253 3339

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