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Aging is so much fun, isn’t it? Getting slower and sluggish with far less energy to spare; finding irritation in the small things (like bread crumbs on the counter); or arthritis and other health issues paying you an unsolicited visit with no indication of when they’re leaving.

It can be a bit of a bitch, but wouldn’t you say it’s the best time to become an entrepreneur and start a business? I believe so.

You might be asking, “Spillly, what drugs are you taking?”

I might tell you that I’m snorting… the beautiful, fresh air outside and getting high on some life.

Because, with age comes a wonderful, novel perspective on life and the ability to move swiftly into the future with all of that hard-earned knowledge, expertise and a network worth its weight in gold.


Are You In Your 50s, Yet? Hurry, There’s So Much Potential! 

When you reach an age going past 40, you’re sitting on a goldmine of potential that could see you making your very own business and conquering a whole new dimension of your reality.

As time goes by, sure, you’re becoming more tired, have a greater aversion to taking risks and seek the comfort you’ve been waiting so long for.

But, you’re now in your prime – able to see and cut through the bullshit, know exactly what it is that you don’t want and have a strong network of people that can propel you to extreme heights far quicker than when you were in your 20’s.

You’re well-connected, you’ve got the wisdom and the knowledge of seeing it all. You know what you want in life and have a better idea of how to get exactly what you’re looking for.

The biggest difference between that age bracket and someone in their early 20’s and 30’s is that of the deadline. There is a due-date and it lingers over you, like the grim reaper; it waits patiently for your demise, eager to present you with an invitation to death, itself.

I don’t mean to be morbid, but when you’re young, you feel as if you’re bulletproof, unbreakable and like you’re going to live forever; the understanding that there is a time-limit, one where everything slows down, tends to be but an afterthought.

When you’re young, you can start a business, crash and burn in 5 years and get right back up to go for another round (ah, those were the days – limitless stamina and a soaring libido).

Also, your risk profile is far different to that of someone older – without a family to support, with heaps of energy, with self-delusion and minimum responsibilities, you’re far more at ease when taking a route to a successful business; where failure is an option.

However, when you’re in your 50’s, you become far more aware of the fragility of life and the pressure that it comes with. Time is of the essence, you have a blatant deadline looming, but most importantly, you have the right tools and means to get you going way faster than anyone else.


The Asset of Age

 In reaching an age beyond your 40’s, your risk profile tends to change in a number of ways.

When taking the early steps into your 30’s, there was a different kind of pressure – one to settle down and find comfort in a spouse. Taking on more risk, you get a bond for a home, get dogs or pets, have cars to maintain and bills to pay (medical aid, insurance, etc.).

Your time is spent and you’re unable to put in the energy to now create a business with all of these responsibilities that need your constant attention.

Fast forward a few more years and as the age of 50 draws nearer, you’ve found ease in navigating and delegating those tasks. Life becomes a little bit easier. Which is why it proves itself to be the perfect time to introspect, to look at yourself and how valuable you are.

You know exactly what you don’t want; you have a strong network of people that you can rely on, work with, sell to, get referrals from; you’re aware of the deadline and that you need to execute your idea well and to the best of your ability – these are the perfect tools to start a business. To become a successful entrepreneur.

Your age is ultimately an asset that can be used to bring about far more benefits than if you were to retire and give up on everything that you’ve accumulated.

A Lesson For The Youth To Take Away

I always say that I’d much rather back a 50-year-old entrepreneur over one half his/her age. They have all the right attributes and assets to see a successful business through.

This doesn’t mean that it should be limited to that age. There’s a lesson to be learned there and if you’re young, then take into consideration the deadline; look past your perceived invincibility and come to terms with how short this life can be.

IF you can apply the pressure and put in the hard-work, then you can make something powerful with a shelf-life that can withstand a nuclear threat.

As the great Jazz composer, Duke Ellington once said, “I don’t need time. What I need is a deadline”.

Face that deadline head-on and put the pressure on max.

Apply as many life-lessons from the older-generation as you can and reap the benefits, rather than wrap yourself up in the same repetitive cycles.

Being old can be extremely beneficial – sure, it won’t be as easy to accumulate all the network and credibility that someone that age has, but you can approach it from a place that pushes for strong connections, credibility and trust from the people that will ultimately carry your business.

If you’re above the age of 50, keen to get started on a business, become an entrepreneur, ready to squeeze your network for what it’s worth:

Hit me up! Let’s talk. Let’s get right into it. I’m here to nudge you in the direction you’ll need.

I also don’t discriminate. I’m no ageist. So if you’re still young and know that you need the guidance, the motivation and a plan to get you on track to success in your business, feel free to contact me, anytime:

+2783 253 3339

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