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I almost never know what I’m doing, but I absolutely know that I’ll figure it out and that whatever I set my mind and intentions on, I can (and most likely will) achieve it.

These words echo in the minds of those that have a strong belief in their abilities and the great outcomes that they are capable of producing, carrying with them a powerful aura that demands the world’s attention.


Coming across people with these levels of self-assurance can be both frightening and refreshing; frightening, because you’re forced to reflect on how afraid you are of your own power and refreshing because you see that you’re just as capable of such thought and control.


Delusions Of Grandeur

After taking a look at the more anxiety-driven cognitive biases that appear in part 1 and part 2, there’s always room to find select people that have what seem like a never-ending supply of self-determination and confidence – no matter the consequences they’re faced with.

Some of the clients that I work with and coach carry with them a sense of this somewhat delusional self-belief and the people that they are surrounded by are generally in awe of how they manage to expand their networks, extract opportunities and succeed without a sense of fear for judgement or debilitating criticism.

Sure, there definitely are cases where the Dunning-Kruger effect can be seen taking the wheel and driving some of the hubris that can come with having such high-levels of confidence. However, some people are so highly self-motivated and carry intense levels of a well-endowed self-esteem.

The Dunning-Kruger effect refers to when that delusional self-belief is coupled with an actual inability to get many of the goals done, lacking the talent, logic, skills and abilities required to see things through. People dealing with this bias tend to have extreme levels of high self-esteem and delusions of grandeur, but struggle to achieve anything, due to an actual lack or limitation of ability.

In the case of delusional self-belief, you’ll sometimes find a distinct level of hubris, but there’s logic, reason and rational thought behind the decisions that are taken. There’s a certain level of confidence within them that makes you wonder where exactly to get some of that magic potion.


Like A Magic Potion Brewed By Getafix

Similar to when Asterix, or Obelix take some of that magic potion, the famous one brewed by Getafix, there erupts a boost of invincibility and a certain lack of inhibitions; if you desire a result, you’ll go and get it and make shit happen.

Some people have a built-in reservoir for this kind of heightened self-esteem and unfettered determination, which is both desirable and certainly fear-inducing.

It’s not always easy to deal with, as with any cognitive bias there are subconscious defence mechanisms at play. This kind of thinking often sidelines any negative news, observations, or thoughts and replaces them with mostly positive ones; which can often damage relationships and perceptions, or have you make hasty decisions that can bring about more harm than good.

That’s why it’s important to not get wrapped up in self-delusional thinking, but rather to use it wisely and with a much-needed dose of realism. By incorporating the two, you can make wise, confident and bold decisions that could turn your life into something utterly profound.

It will act as a sort-of self-fulfilling prophecy, by managing to work out that which you desire and by giving it the necessary time to simmer in your subconscious, allowing you to manifest and breathe life into your thoughts and your reality.

The self-fulfilling prophecy is an innate ability within each and everyone of us to create an idea in our mind that will have an externalised effect on our behaviours and actions and therefore affect the way that people choose to interact and engage with us. A simple example of this is by going to a party with the idea that you’re not going to have a good time, you’re not excited about going and you’re reluctant to meet new people; you end up prophesying your time at the party, engaging in closed-off body language, avoiding opportunities and forming a cold and distant attitude that nobody wants to be a part of – you end up doing it to yourself.

The same can be said about using that psychological observation in the opposite way; going in with the right attitude and mindset will bring about a natural change in body language and behaviour that will have you appear far more attractive and enjoyable.

In taking a healthy dose of that potion; use the rhyme “fake it ‘til you make it”, or the Jewish aphorism “deed before creed,” which says to start acting and behaving in a certain way and the rest will surely follow.

The mind is capable of utterly incredible operations and what you tell yourself can make or break who you are.


Just Make Use And Don’t Abuse

Using a healthy mix of delusional self-belief, coupled with the right reason, logic and abilities – you can go very far as a leader, entrepreneur or in any field you choose.

The best entrepreneurs and business owners have these attributes carefully wound together and it carries their success to great heights. No matter how old they might be, these (often, great) people maintain a steadfast and unshakeable faith that they are immune to the discouraging and intimidating nature of business success and longevity.

Armoured with that type of deepened belief in themselves, they shape the company culture in such a way that it produces fantastic results in their products, customer service and overall impression that lends to their success.

Sure, there might be some crazy egomaniacal tendencies that sit right at the top, but the determination and high levels of quality and power of these businesses tend to stand out from the crowd and always do far better.

Steer clear from misinformation, arrogance and self-indulgence; keep educating yourself and sprinkle some of that delusional self-belief on your breakfast in the morning to keep you motivated and luring in the best outcomes for you and your business.

Like I’ve mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2: I deal with my own sense of imposterism and creative anxiety from time to time, but I always make sure to throw some magic potion into the mix, so I can dilute the fear with a bit of fervour for the world.

I kind of, sort of have a secret recipe that I’m more than happy and willing to share with you:

Only on one condition, though!

You have to call me, Whatsapp me, or email me for a sagacious chat – it’s there that I can unwrap my master plan to become your business coach and confidant.


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