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Seeking a high-performance culture, with the highest output is often a top priority in many businesses and the same probably goes for yours.

The stronger and more competent the staff prove themselves to be, ultimately become solid indicators of who you want working for you and contributing to the success of your business.

Who doesn’t like a hard-worker, especially one that produces results at an incredible rate?

In providing my clients with a high-performance culture that has hard-working staff, I make sure to tie-in a soft, nurturing culture that is inviting to the employees; which should be on the top of any business-owner’s priority list.


Culture And Performance Matrix 

Most business-owners want to attract high-performance, high-output staff; with fewer people on their pay-roll and that work much harder at building the company, as opposed to having a shit-load of employees where output and performance varies.

In choosing a healthy balance, though, the culture that exists within the business is just as important as the measured performance thereof.

If you ran a business that only had an environment of high-performers, there would be heightened levels of boredom and a looming disinterest in the company and the people running it. So, in combining a nurturing culture that caters to employee relationships and building strong teams with varying levels of comfort would be just as important to the momentum of a healthy operation.

In the following matrix that I provide for my clients, I divide the staff into four different quadrants that look at their different levels of competency, as well as the involvement of company culture. I make sure to put emphasis on the star employees that make the most significant contribution to your business.

On the top right quadrant of the matrix, your best performers and most productive staff members are seated within an appropriate environment of culture and performance. These are the people you should throw money at, they are the future leaders of the company and your best employees. Your goal is to move as many staff into that quadrant.

Conversely, the bottom left quadrant indicates the staff or employees with the minimum performance potential and very low levels of culture; these staff are easily recognisable and have a low productive output, which are better to try and get rid of. They ultimately impede on the performance of the business and can end up driving you mad. In other words, these people must go.

In the bottom right, you’ll find quadrant three, which has what I call the terrorists of the business. They are a great culture fit and are very well-received by the rest of the staff, but are low-output performers. These tend to be the riskiest staff members to have, as they are engaging, humorous and build a strong rapport with the rest of the employees, but, more often than not, motivate other employees to adopt their lackadaisical approach.

Due to their lack of performance, they are often a good target to get rid of, however they affect the rest of the staff in such a way that you’ll be questioned or have to deal with unpleasant rebuttals, as they leave good impressions on the rest of the staff. Complete terrorists, I tell you.

The quadrant to the top left are where your most malleable staff sit; those that have high potential and should be massaged into the right company culture – making them suitable candidates for the first quadrant of high-performing, high-output staff. Love and nurture these employees, find what motivates them and push them toward the first quadrant.


High-Output And Strong-Culture Staff Are The Most Suitable Candidates 

A wonderful way to approach this is in the way Jim Collins does with the best of his employees, “we hire five, work them like ten and pay them like eight.”

In using my method and honing in on the right attributes to look for in the staff, you should make a habit of reviewing where it is that your employees sit, especially when doing KPIs or performance reviews.

Cycle through the different categories of employees so that as many of them can reach the level of your most optimal performers, those with a strong culture and high-output. Try to get rid of the terrorists and the poorest performers, while finding the right methods to motivate the best of your employees.

Plot out which employees sit in which quadrant of your business and try to ensure they are a good culture fit and not just high-performing. Ask yourself if they are a right match for your vision.

This is a new way of looking at your staff and you should constantly reflect on the quality of your employees at any given time. I make sure to always apply this tactic as a business coach when working with my clients, as they often struggle with team cohesion and analysis.


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