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Highly interesting stats on Twitter, my Love.

By 24th July 2012 No Comments

Whether you think you need Twitter in your business to market your goods & brand or not, here are some large numbers to ponder:


  • Over 500 million registered users (as of March 2012)
  • 34% of marketers have gained leads through Twitter, and 20% have actually closed a deal on there
  • 40% of members don’t actively Tweet
  • It roughly takes one week for a billion tweets to be sent
  • 60% of new users currently come from outside the US
  • 80% of tweets concerning customer service are negative
  • 5% of users create 75% of the content
  • 11 Twitter accounts are created every second
  • Twitter’s advertising revenue is predicted to hit $540 million by 2014
  • The US lead the way in terms of numbers – with 108 million users – 28% of all Twitter members.
  • The US however, lags behind Netherlands, Brazil and Japan in terms of active profiles.
  • Twitter signups TRIPLED with the intergration of iOS 5, showing the impact of mobile phones on social media

Do you still think that twitter has nothing  to offer?


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