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“Why is everyone unfollowing me?”


chances are:

  1. You tweet too much
  2. You don’t tweet enough
  3. You always spam me
  4. You’re following Bots
  5. You keep asking people to follow you
  6. You openly discuss personal stuff but you take everything personally
  7. You act like an enemy
  8. You don’t have a bio and you still have an egg avatar
  9. You’re following too many people
  10. You only talk about yourself & product
  11. #You #use #hashtags #for #every #fucking #word #always
  12. There are no replies on your timeline
  13. U spk sms
  14. You’re a bully
  15. You’re too negative
  16. You’re too positive
  17. You’re obsessed with how many followers everyone else has
  18. You don’t have a real life
  19. You generate too much noise
  20. You have a protected account
  21. You only follow celebrities & retweet them
  22. You retweet your compliments
  23. You’re too argumentative
  24. You find everything offensive
  25. You blame the wrong people
  26. You ask for retweets
  27. You “just dont get twitter”
Get it now?

Before every tweet you do, ask yourself if you are doing some or all of these and I promise you will maintain followers. ALWAYS.


Got more than 27? Let me know here.

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