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As a proponent of technology, science and society, Bill Sharpe has come up with a powerful way to view the current, the potential and the future states of business and entrepreneurship, naming it The Three Horizons.

The angle that he takes is to change our viewpoints from that of a one-dimensional perspective to a three-dimensional way of seeing the world.

As a business coach, I feel his insight is profound and enlightening for all those that come into contact with this way of thinking and engaging with both life and business.

The Present, The Potential and The Future 

It goes without saying that nobody is capable of seeing or predicting the future, especially after the impact that Covid has made on the many industries that have either suffered or succeeded during such an intense time.

But the awareness that comes with acting in a one-dimensional view of reality has become irrational, to say the least; there needs to be far more attention paid to the potential change that comes with time and the new paradigms that we will come into contact with in the future.

If there is one thing that we can all agree on being consistent, it’s that change is inevitable.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you need to work on being inclusive of the thought-processes that come with widening your scope to include the possibilities of that which is to come and the guaranteed shift in worldviews that inevitably arrive with the future; allowing yourself to see the world in a more three-dimensional light.

Sharpe has divided and defined these three viewpoints as three horizons that should always be considered and adopted into your thinking process when running a business: with the First Horizon referring to the present moment and what needs to be done in the here and now; the Second Horizon pointing out the potential of the near future and what can be developed, innovated or grown to shape and move towards that point; and the Third Horizon being the unpredictable and unforeseeable future that will ultimately shape all that we know.

In your approach to the timelines that exist when building your business strategy, these three horizons should be implemented in your vision and considered at all points when navigating through the ever-changing circumstances of life.

Many of the clients that I work with run their businesses within the First Horizon; in a reactive manner that is inclusive of the present and without much interest paid to the short and long-term future that is yet to come. This certainly works, but when the Second and Third Horizons come into play, there often isn’t enough innovation or preparation taken to deal with the inescapable shift in gear.

Just as much focus needs to be given to the Second Horizon, as well. It’s a transitional period that sets our sights towards the potential of the near future, where infrastructure and technology shape innovation and bring with it a whole new set of circumstances that need dealing with. By opening your mind to the “what if” moments of several months or a year down the line, you’ll be surprised at what can be anticipated and developed to cater to these changes.

Taking a stroll through history, there are always patterns that repeat themselves and that should be worked into a means of predicting what’s to come and how to work with those predictions and possible circumstances.

With a keen eye and diverse mind, you can analyse, determine and form insights into what the future might hold and prepare yourself for endless possibilities; certain patterns are unavoidable, but predictable, with natural disasters, technological advancements and new innovations, we can see the Third Horizon open up and ensure that we take better control of the wheel.

Open Your Mind And Your Sights 

The Second and Third Horizons can certainly seem quite daunting when attempting to look at what the predictable and unpredictable future might hold, but by taking the time to let it simmer and by engaging with this thought process, you’re able to make better-informed decisions for your business.

You open the way to see what could be and innovate, accordingly. This gives your business and your vision a head-start in taking the future on, rather than being shocked and disoriented by any surprises that might come knocking on your door.

We are aware of the ever-growing potential of artificial intelligence, the unpredictable nature of diseases and pandemics, the direction that businesses are headed towards in learning the psychology of the customer, the leader and the employee; so by keeping well-informed and educated on such topics, you’re able to deduce and induce particular changes that the world will most certainly introduce to our civilization, as a whole.

Knowledge truly acts as a form of power in looking towards these new horizons, bringing with it innovation, adaptation and potential in sky-rocketing your business towards the beautiful vistas of the future.

Engage with that future and don’t focus too much energy on the single dimension of the present; open up your mind’s eye, view business and life in three dimensions and see the opportunities of the present and the future.

In my three-dimensional vision for the world, I can certainly see you as being a part of it. If you haven’t seen the testimonies, just yet – be sure to check them out.

With that, I’m able to predict the levels of growth and success that I can bring to your business and will provide the greatest level of coaching you’ve ever seen!

You can believe that.

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