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Im digging through my sock draw and throwing out old socks when I found a
small plastic non descript bag with a dozen white pills inside – neatly
stashed in an old white gym sock!

Now I honestly don’t know if these are pills for my dogs eczema or some
other “recreational” pills!
Now they don’t have any notable markings on them like a Mitsubishi sign or
Batman logo.( or a Pfizer logo either)

Its been years since I dabbled in the whole scene and I have no idea where
these tabs came from or if I owe some Nigerian in Yeoville a few hundred
bucks (which I doubt as I would be dead by now!).

So if know how these came to be in my socks, if you have proof of payment
and claim they are yours please feel free to drop me an email and im sure we
can come to some arrangement.

Small text: I cannot guarantee that these tabs are not in fact eczema
treatment tabs and if not I will not promise small green fairies in a yellow
blazed background for 6- 10 hours either!

If you are brave enough to take one in my company, free of charge, so I can
see the results, im keen to share.
Whats the worst that can happen ? shiny coat of hair ?

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