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Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY – thanks to all my FRIENDS that called. As for the rest of you >

By 2nd March 2010 No Comments

The Things that have changed since I turned 35:

(in no particular order. Some might say its rather random. Like my last few

1. It takes a little longer to piss 1st thing in the morning. No pressure.
(No pressure)

2. I swear my left ball sack is half a centimeter closer to the floor when
I stand up.

3. I am listening to much heavier metal!

4. I’m a lot less tolerant of religion and Mariah Carey.

5. I am driving one hellava lot slower and more considerately

6. I am tired of the “jol”

7. I am growing fonder and fonder of less cigarettes and more whiskeys.

8. I look at babies and go ahhhh, but I still don’t really know if I want

9. All I want for my birthday are pot-plants and shoehorns.

10.I’m no longer afraid of strippers. I embrace the culture.

11.I gym harder and longer and more frequently than ever before, with fewer

12.I admit I love to look at 21 year old girls but I know we cant have a
conversation as I don’t know who Hannah Montana is.

13.I don’t love my work more than last year but I appreciate the fact I’m
more responsible towards it and the people I support.

14.I use an umbrella to walk from my car to the office if it rains. I don’t
care like I did when I was in school.

15.My therapist “fired” me cause I am cured.

16. I often think in terms of tweets. 140, 140, 140. And if you don’t know
what that means I’m too old to explain it. Grow up and embrace technology.

17. I love art for arts sake. Pretty pictures make me happy on the inside.

18. I love Cape town, but I doubt I will ever really live there.

19. My toenails grow at a stupidly fast pace. I hope that my kids one day
will never have to clip them.

20. I admire architects for what they can make. I hate architects for what
they do make.

21. My car is a 3,7 litre fuel guzzler. I am ok with that. You should be
too, or are you a vegetarian?

22. This list is no longer about what’s changed so ill finish it off with a

23. YOU never wrote on my facebook wall to wish me happy birthday. See you
in hell.

Older, wiser, jaded and single Brent.


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