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todays Drama. fuck.

By 15th December 2009 No Comments

So in case you don’t know I own and run a food manufacturing business.


This means we employ staff. Lots of staff. Too many staff.


And with staff comes HEAD-aches and aggravation. Too much, sometimes.


So this is what happened. It’s a true story.


Our driver , lets call him Elias (cause that’s his name) takes our 8 ton
truck with 2 assistants to do a delivery in the free state.


En-route Elias discovers that he has taken the wrong road. He also discovers
that he is drunk from the night before.


Elias, bless his soul, decides to pull a U-turn on the highway. As he turns
a bus comes bulleting past and our truck scrapes the entire side of the bus
as it passed Elias by.


Elias stops. (that’s the 1st and last decent thing he does).


The 3 employees get out the truck to see the damage to their vehicle and the


Elias decided it would be best to get back in the vehicle, without his
assistants, and drive off leaving the scene of the crime.


The bus driver flags down a private car and explains the situation. The
Private car with the bus driver speed off in pursuit of Elias and our truck.


At some point a few Km down the road the private car is right behind our
truck when Stuntman Elias slams on breaks making sure that the private car
smashes into the back of our truck being completely written off.


But wait dear reader. Its not over.


Elias does not stop. No , he turns around and heads back towards the Bus
scene. By this stage several police cars (im told there were 7 at the end)
are now following the elusive driver. Before the cops can stop Elias he
politely takes out TWO more cars. When the police eventually block him, he
refused to leave the truck and was forceably arrested.


So that’s our truck wrecked – all the stock inside wrecked. One bus. Three
cars. My insurers must love me.


Excuse the Sarcasm, its my way of dealing with this SHIT!



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