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The theory on Plants as Gifts. (a very short theory)

By 24th October 2011 No Comments

Fifteen years ago, a recently deceased friend of my mother, bought me a pot-plant as a house-warming gift. The plant flowered once but has lived through 2 house moves and is still very strong. I have never pruned, fed it any special foods or given it water regularly enough, yet it survives & thrives. Now the lady who gave it to me just passed away after a a very long painful battle with cancer. She was a fighter and a joker to the very very end.

Another Plant which I was given last year, by a friends wife has been a battle to keep alive. It wont die – its just pretends to be dying, daily. Lets say its a “drama-queen” pot plant. It looks droopy unless I move it in the sun, feed it copious amounts of water and generally talk to it nicely. I have given it very expensive plant food from the local nursery and even re-potted it with new soil. (well, my Domestic helper did that.) The Lady who gave me this particular plant is, in my opinion, high maintenance, needy and rather sheltered from the harsh realities of life in Africa.


You can see where i’m going with this…

The last Plant is a Bonsai. This plant does not belong to me. It was left behind by an ex-short-term-housemate. The plant has almost died. I have done everything the internet and wiki has told me to do & yet, its withering away slowly. Its an “old soul” pot plant. Its all things zen. its lovely to look at (when its showing off leaves) , it says all the right things about the universe. Its a test of patience to keep it alive. I have pruned it, patted it and spoken politely around it. NOTHING works. Its a small tree that belongs to a small man. They both look good but need continual sustenance, and ego stroking. 

So, my plant-theory in a nutshell, is this:

When taking a plant from someone as a gift or to look after, think about what kind of person you are receiving it from & what their personalities are like, because, sure as shit, you are going to have to treat this plant the same way you treat this person.

Have you given a plant to someone lately?

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