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By 15th October 2010 No Comments

Well what can I say… I am being forced into writing a 1000 character blog
on the absolute awesomeness of the legend that is THE JO Lurie. (
@TheJoLurie )

Why? Well apparently my 140 character follow Friday tweet was just lacking,

So let’s see what she has done for me besides, make me laugh off the cliff
before jumping, hold my hair back from the next room while I puked an opera
and Introduced me to so many psycho girls that turned out be psycho ex
girlfriends (at least I got some!):

In no particular order of late:

* Booked flights, accommodation, transfers, Linkin Park Tickets in
Berlin all without a blink and a beg for thanks.

* Got me several new followers on Twitter. How? National TV my
friends. National TV.

(how many characters is that so far….?)

Ok she is without doubt the only person on earth that can pull such a guilt
trip on me that I sit here and tap away like this! ( I expect backlash from
that for sure!)

We fight, we laugh, she gives me her piece of mind, she can’t tell me
secrets, she drinks and occasionally she smokes. Did I mention that I have a
huge mouth and can’t keep secrets? It’s not true. I can. Just my own

Well I hope that this “ode to Jo” is better than any #FollowFriday I have
ever done.

If you wanna see brains and wit at work, don’t continue reading this click
on @TheJoLurie and Follow.

Light, love and Ballgags.


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