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The pills were rubbish. They took 3 and a bit hours to “kick – in.” by this
time the temperature had dropped to almost freezing and the sweat was cold
and sticky. The mood was chilled. The music, not so much.

The drive home was slow and warm, more so in the front due to heated seats. Roadwork’s at 4am. Seriously? Roadwork’s?!

Last drop before home. Less than block away. Parked to collect all the last
persons belongings, in and amongst the mountain of water bottles and empty
pizza boxes. Oh! The hand-break. Oh! The wall ! fuck me!

Hot shower, immovanes. Blissful sleep.

Woke up for mothers day lunch with a headache, a hangover and a few missing
bricks in that wall.

Note to self: I will not go raving again, I will not go raving again, I will
not…. errr okay I may. But not soon.
Ps. Oakenfold, your shit stinks. Gimme DJ fresh any-day!

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