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The crime, the crime, the lack of punishment.

By 7th April 2011 No Comments

Waking up on a Friday is always hard.

Waking up on a Friday with 26 missed calls on your silent phone is fucking frightening.

There was ANOTHER break in at my place of work. Now it wasn’t the first and it wont be the last, but this one was special.
The front door was cut open, while the security ADT security guards were “tied up” with shoe laces. (a likely story)
The CCTV camera’s were cut outside and at first all that was missing was 2 computers and a monitor.

The alarm went off and a panic button was pushed. the Alarm system was damaged beyond use.

What we realized much later was that the 2nd computer was the one that backs up all the CCTV footage and about R50,000 worth of finished product had been stolen. Loaded on a truck. Driven away. Gone forever. 

Inside Job? damn straight. they knew exactly where to break-in, which wires to cut for the alarm and which Cameras to cut before gaining access.
so.. thats R50k stock, R40k for the CCTV and a couple grand in repairs to alarms, doors and walls.

BUT its a small business with lots of talkers and in a few days names of two employees came to the surface as being involved. One being the driver of the truck that supposedly took out the stocks. Polygraphs (lie detector) tests were done and both employees are guilty beyond belief. The examiner said he had not seen results like this before. Off the chart.
BUT we cant fire on suspicion and we cant fire on polygraph results. We can open a case with the police based on suspicion but they cant investigate the employees houses on this. so why bother right?

So we carry on. More locks. More cameras. Different guards. Employees off the trucks and in the factory.
No case with the police.
Another armed robbery goes un-noticed and unrecorded by SAPS, making crime look just one incident less per year. Well done.

Thanks for reading.
@spillly (with my emigration face, firmly on)

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