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Telkom tops bad service chart

By 23rd February 2012 No Comments

The latest HelloPeter stats reveal that Telkom continued to top the website’s complaint list.

The Operator continues to top the list of complaints from ‘companies who don’t respond’ on the popular consumer website HelloPeter. According to the website, Telkom received 2500 complaints and 189 compliments over the last 12 months.  56 of the complaints were lodged in the last 5 days. Many of the Telkom complaints relate to a lack of service – both regarding ADSL and standard telephony services.

The Top 5 is completed by BlackBerry which racked up 277 complaints and 4 compliments within the last 12 months.

HelloPeter’s complaints lists are as follows:

  1. Telkom SA
  2. Woolworths
  3. McDonalds
  4. iBurst
  5. BlackBerry

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