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We (and by that I mean I ) make all kinds of stupid jokes and snide comments
about swine flu, especially in deep dark africa! Things like we will be
hardest hit cause our medical infrastructure is so poor and people live in
squalor so its easily transmitted blah blah. The Obvious stuff I guess. Its
amusing to make jokes comparing aids and swine flu and condoms usage with
masks. BUT, let me wake up with a tiny headache, a scratchy throat and
blocked nose, as I have done this cold morning, and its sheer panic at my
Uberclassy private doctors rooms!
Book me off doc! Pump me full of the good stuff and send me to bed! Stay
away from me people, its unconfirmed but my jewish sense of pain and
suffering has kicked in – I “know!” its swine flu.
Ironic isn’t it. A jew with pig flu. Something more amusing about that than
deep dark africa.
I feel a joke coming on….

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