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Saturday afternoon, with the warm winter sun beaming through the blinds onto the weathered awards of Eddie, the 50 year old gay stylist who made it into the Guinness world records for styling hair 415 straight hours. Or something as outrageous as that. Out the window is the unused petrol station across the road which still has the Pegasus symbol from Trek garages which disappeared in the early 80’s. Is this Naboomspruit or the little dorp in the Klein Karoo? No. Its Grant avenue in Norwood. The hair dryers which look like guns from 2010 a space odyssey and the pink plastic curlers sit in a chrome tray on wheels next to the equally plastic white valeur chairs which still have the bum imprints from the last client. Burn hair smell. Hair product smell. Vo5.
So glad I shave my hair.
Good afternoon.
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