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Onty, Fonty, Ponty and the RLS

By 28th Mar 2012 No Comments

Genius is often very hard to define. One mans genius is another man fool, but I know super-smart when I see it.

For me, Genius’ are people who never really sleep. They rest their bodies, mostly, but never their minds. The constant search for high quality solutions and meaning in their environment is a constant source of fascination to me. Allow me to explain what i’m rambling on about here.

RLS (Restless legs syndrome) is usually associated with nervous energy – that person who is shaking his legs under the dinner table, incessantly, as though they don’t want to be there and often, in their mind, aren’t. That isn’t Genius. Geniuses are there AND somewhere else at the same time, engaging in humourous conversation while planning their strategy at work, while at the same time, banging their legs & reciting poetry. I am lucky enough to have recently spent some time with a few such people. These are people, that in my opinion, the business world needs more of. Humanity needs more of. And I need more of. A new friend, lets call him Spratty is just such a person. He is clear in his approach to almost everything that he is involved in. He is funny, in a dry-abstract kind of way and yet switches to confidante with a blink of his eye and is ready to get involved in your problems and challenges in a most willingness way. Not all ubersmart people are leaders, yet if you allow Him, Spratty will lead you and you will follow. 

The last week of my life, cooped up in close quarters, allowed me to sit back & watch a mind at work, at play, and both simultaneously. It was a joy to watch him bark at the waiters, poke fun at the “chalet slaves” ,make young girls blush in embarrassment and run a business via remote control. Its not often that a compliment makes me humble but when Spratty gives one, you know its genuine and non prospering. When sitting quietly with his eyes closed & his leg restlessly vibrating, he would chant “Onty – Ponty – Fonty” or something alike and thats the way I will remember him. (And he is not A gay)

thanks for the giggles, Bitch.

Ps. This is not a job application, kiss-ass letter, but if the pay is right…

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