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Its Saturday and almost the end of November. When the fuck did that happen?
Another year with the same direction but a little more speed. Perhaps. I sit
at my desk listening to the clacking of machines downstairs, churning out
more product for the every more picky pickle eaters out there. Those damned
consumers. They have been lead to believe they deserve better and higher
quality goods at reasonable prices by the large national overbearing chain
stores. You know the ones that are looking out for your own good, but
sitting on stock piles of cash and property.

Shop in better stores. Buy prettier products. Buy natural. Watch the fat
content. Blah blah bleugh. What happened to Mrs. housewife that wanted a non
branded product that was homemade and real quality? No, even today, non
branded lines are huge brands on their own.

I have heard the elders talk about the risks and perils of dealing with the
large multinational players. I heard exactly what they said. The warnings.
The threats. But I know better. I know what’s good for me. I like to but
pretty natural products in clean isles. So that where I want to be. WRONG.

I am now becoming an elder. I have felt their pain. I have made the same
mistakes they did. And now I’m telling you to stay small, independent and
out the big boys’ isles. Run your own business. Make your own decisions. Be
a no-name brand.
The wound is raw. The pain is real. The lesson learned.

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