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my #Thor Joke. u asked…

By 3rd May 2010 No Comments

So one Beautiful Sunday afternoon, Thor is walking along Clifton 3rd beach when he comes across the most sexy blonde woman, tanning topless on the beach.

Thor knows he can have any woman in the world, because he is “THOR – God of thunder!”

He approaches this woman and with some delft words, she falls in lust with him. Thor leans in and kisses this goddess of the beach and within minutes is making love to her on the warm white beach sand. He is masterful and after several hours of passion Thor finishes and stands up proudly and with one hand raised and the other on his hip he screams out “ I AM THOR!!! God of thunder!!” and the skies erupt in cheer!

The woman says” You think you Thor, I have thand in my puthy!”

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