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Why do I always react to everything negatively? Or do I ? Is it sarcasm or is it wit?

My mother, who happily divorced my father, said that sarcasm was the lowest
form of wit. My father was very sarcastic. I unfortunately have inherited my
fathers hair line and his sense of humour.

Im still not sure that this is a bad thing. Yes, its defensive. Yes it masks
insecurities, but I maintain its still funny, to me. I appreciate the gene
in other people. Its not an item you can buy or learn. Its in you. Its who
you are and if you nourish it, it shall prosper and morph into something I
think is quite marvelous.

So when I appear to be giving the world, with you in it, a hard time,
seemingly mocking you, please don’t take offense.
Maybe I like you. Maybe I want to be friends with you.
Or maybe I think you are just a stupid soul with no sense of humour at all.
Or is that a “great sense of humour?” (insert stupid smiley here)

Please hear my tone.
Its world class sarcasm. I love you to bits but you bore me too often.
I should have titled this blog “my monumental ego” but I’m afraid even that
would be lost to some.

So if I have offended you, made you question yourself, made you unfollow me
or all of the above, I’m not sorry.

Im stiff like that.

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