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I would hate to start a blog with song lyrics, but I like to face my fears
so read this slowly and absorb them carefully:

“My life is perfect
Because I accept it as it is
The sunshine is shining
Because it is what it is”

If you want to know who wrote them, click here “” you lazy

Now where was I …. ?

As I sit at my desk, arched over from too many hours tweeting on my
Blackberry, the curve of my spine altered forever, I know that just outside
my office door are some 160-odd staff “slaving away” in a freezing warehouse
, doing their best to keep their hands warm when exposed to the cold water
and product they work with, in order to survive. I sip my Nespresso and
click my wireless mouse on the pictures that I emailed myself last night,
from the World cup game I attended at Soccer City, Johannesburg.

Now where was I going with this…?

Oh yes. My life is perfect. Because I accept it for what it is.


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