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So if you have 2 minutes to hear me rant n rave a tad read on:
Last year, on the 20 June 2008, to be exact, a vehicle at work with the
registration HDZ694GP was stolen from our premises. Now this is a 4 ton
truck with branding on the sides which makes it a tad conspicuous!
The vehicle was not found by our satellite trackers or the SAPS. It was
rumored to be down in the Eastern cape region but the cops down there were
no very interested. The case was reported the day of the theft and case
number was issued. Insurance paid out and all was forgotten, as it always is
in sunny SA! Now a year later the License department refuse another vehicle
to get its license discs due to the fact that we have not paid the license
on vehicle HDZ694GP. The vehicle is not showing as stolen on the SAPS stolen
vehicle list.
We contact the officer who handled the case last year and we fax him all the
supporting documents as he cant find the file on the case. (im not making
this shit up I swear). It turns out that the registration number that was
punched into the national stolen vehicle system was ending 294GP and NOT
694GP which was our vehicle. So for a year now, the stolen vehicle was not
being looked for by the police and if it was ever stopped, there would not
be any issues as the vehicle was licensed and road-worthy until June this
But some poor sod out there with the vehicle ending 294GP may be rotting
away in some dodgy cell somewhere. Sorry mate.

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