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It was my birthday yesterday. Yes, thank you, i survived to a ripe ol’age of 37 years. And Im a ginger – so thats very impressive.

Some of my good mates (names mentioned below for good social networking cudos) got together and bought me a rather expensive Go-Pro Hero 2 HD camera !

My friends Rock!


I’m sure that i’m gonna spam your networks soon with amateurish video and stills, taken with my new toy, all over the world! 
Expect Vespa, Snowboarding & Rally shots soon! I apologise in advance.

Im lucky to have these people as my friends & in my life:

My sister and Pussy Pretorius dont have Twitter  accounts so they dont really, REALLY exist.

And finally, my most Lovely Girlfriend miss That Nicole who arranged, coordinated and snuck around arranging this surprise. Kisses!

Heres to another Year of Stupid yet very entertaining tweets, cold beers, Coke lights, Black slopes, black tops, Cuddles and manlove.

Thanks again!

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