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Last week I was challenged to use the new iPad Air 2 for everything I would normally use my iPhone and laptop for; from Microsoft Excel to Instagram with the exception of making calls.  The thought of relying solely on the iPad Air 2 was more challenging than it really was.  Editing my spreadsheets was a breeze and syncing them with Dropbox was seamless.  This process has inspired me to back up my work more regularly.
#iPadAir2 Spillly


Some of the features I love are as follows:

  • Size:  The iPad Air 2 is super thin; it weighs under 500 grams which is great for taking to meetings as well as watching videos.
  • Display:  The Retina display is far superior to the previous iPad 1.  It uses more contrasting colours and has almost no reflective display.
  • Battery:  The battery lasts up to 10 hours, which keeps me from having to plug it in at awkward times.

Features I miss:

  • Whatsapp isn’t there.  This week without the use of my phone made me realise just how much I use this app.
  • The Silent button isn’t there; I was unable to ‘silence’ my iPad Air 2 as the button is no longer on the device.  This comes in handy during meetings especially.


In summary, I won’t be getting rid of my Macbook Air any time soon as it simply has all the features that I use on a daily basis.  The iPad Air 2 is perfect as a lightweight, good-looking and efficient piece of hardware that I believe can be used in conjunction with my iPhone.

Apple has done it once again!


ps.. the camera and slo-mo function is epic!


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