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Being a ginger, you may be surprised that I even have friends, but I do. Some of these friends are well educated “journo” types and either make a living writing or editing the written word.

As my confidence has increased with writing on my blog, the more criticism I have received for my poor grammar, spelling and layout. I have no formal training and barely passed my matric English writing exam, but I enjoy sharing my thoughts with the few people that read my scribbles. My grammar leaves a lot to be desired. I have never claimed the title of writer, or blogger for that matter, and recognize the art of writing when I see it done well and substantially better than I could do. The amount of time & dedication that professional writers put into all their work is admirable but here is where I want to make my point…

The average literate person, who reads all levels of written content, does not appreciate the subtleties that are woven into the work they read. They, like myself, don’t necessarily see the grammatical errors or note the missed apostrophe every now and then and most importantly, they don’t really care.

Now I’m not saying for a second, that the work isn’t better and easier to read if its done by the book, but I do believe that sometimes the story is more important than the way it’s delivered.

I write the way I talk. Short bullet points of content. My brain farts out ideas and I type them furiously. When I have something to say, I want to say it now and not let it stew while I rework it, day after day, before pushing the send button.

Thanks for taking two minutes, but if you want to help, maybe point out the mistakes I have made above and comment below.

Love, light & punctuation.

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