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I have been re-reading the 4-hour work week by Tim Ferris. I failed in
completing it last time cause I work more than 4 hours a week. There-in lay
the dilemma. So attempt two and so far so good.

The one thing that has stuck out so far ( about half way ) is that I should
avoid the news and un-important, irrelevant information pertaining to my
life. And more importantly the life I want to lead.

So step one. Facebook suicide. Done 31 May 2010. See :

I have turned off John Robbie (radio 702) in the morning and only listen to
I have stopped following all news tweets and tweeters.
I have stopped all RSS feeds that aren’t of pure joy and entertainment to

So far so good.

I have not lost anything. Miraculously I still hear the BIG news stories
through friends and family.
My life is clearer, less cluttered and I have more focus on what needs to be
done to achieve my endgame.
So do we need the news, the adverts that sell us junk and all those jingles?
I say no. we live in a world full of information. Use what you want and lose
the rest. Life will continue without you. The poor will starve and the week
will be bombed in dusty desert towns regardless of you knowing it or not.

I am more attentive to people I want to be around and listen too, and
amazingly enough I listen better now too.
So don’t be afraid. Take a small leap, stop checking emails, twitter and
Facebook every open minute of the day and you too can have some clarity.

PS.. this blog has just wasted your time. Stop reading this now.

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