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In club med everything is Dandy! (Even the free wi-fi)..

By 26th April 2009 No Comments

So after all said n done we arrived zonked out our minds @ 9am local time.
Let me paint the picture: blue skies, not TOO hot, cool wind,great rooms (esp if u a couple, which I’m not) lots of food and free drinks. And even if its local and a bit warm, when beer is served to you at a clap of the hand, while u lying down on a day bed, under palm trees on a beach its fucking fabulous!!

 Follow that with some ping pong (the clean kind) next to the pool and then a quick work_out at the gym, which has views Richard Branson can’t afford, a cool shower and a nap and life ain’t half bad!

 I lie. Its frikkin great! So if you want the lifestyle some only dream about, work your ass off, pickle as much green fruit as u can and go get it!

 Pics to follow… (My phone was off all day – imagine that!)

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