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I am on Twitter.

I love twitter.
this is not a Haiku poem.
Over the last few weeks I have fallen back into the dangerous pit that is Twitter. Its like a demanding partner. She wants my time, she wants my time and she wants more of my time. I find myself giving it but not always getting enough in return. Now I love twitter. I will not divorce her, but sometimes I need a “hall pass” or just a break for a while. Some “ME TIME.”

She distracts me from work and real life. She keeps me in-doors and its Spring-time FFS! So, I am asking for a long distance relationship. I want to see her and when I do, I will Play with her, kiss her and Fuck her hard, but then she needs to go back to where she came from before I get bored. So I’m taking it easy. I breathing deep and i’m sure I will lose followers but so what right? right?!

You know its been enough when people “stealing tweets” properly upsets you. 
have a Good weekend and ill see you on Instagram, My new LOVE.


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