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Earlier this week I shut down my Facebook (FB) account. There has been much
Hype about the privacy issues on FB and their need to share my info and my
friends’ info with third parties, for whatever reason. I actually have no
real issue with this. I don’t post enough valuable information about my life
for it to be sold off to some 3rd Reich terrorist organization or the FBI. I
can understand people who have kids or business being more concerned about
these policies but I don’t really give a shit. I am bored with FB. I am
bored with the constant requests and recommendations. I was suicidal and I
made the leap.

I have found an alternative – TWITTER (TW). Now TW is faster, wittier,
dirtier and a thousand times for informative than FB could ever dream. There
are comments about how FB is for the people you slept with and TW being the
place for people you wish you slept with. Not true again. TW is the place
where the world wants to sleep with YOU. It’s a wonderful platform where
long detailed conversations about the death of Politicians, porn stars and
freaks can be torn apart, laughed at and/or worshipped.

TW is the new FB. The links are real. The people are real. The blogs are
Unreal. Who cares if your sister got a cute fluffy dog. Who cares if you
recently broke up your complicated relationship. On TW you can say the
things that you feel matter and not have some random nerd from school report
you to bigbrother. On the contrary, if you say you hate that cuntmuscle
boyfriend, you will most likely find new and exciting friends that love your
work and your rants.

Wake up FB, wake up facebookers and smell the tweet.

My name is Brent, and I’ve been clean from FB for 5 days.
My name is Brent and I’m a Redneck tweeter.

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