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” I just shat myself asking my new father-in-law for permission”

By 14th April 2010 No Comments

One of my younger managers at work, lets call him Rick, came into my office
today and was rambling about non consequential work related issues.

I could see that he was wanting to ask or say something but being the non
confrontational manager that I am, I let him get to the point in his own
time. Then just as he finished his last sentence he blabbed “I’m going to
ask my girlfriends fathers permission to marry tonight.” Then he smiled like
a 4 year old who just found out his father was home after scribbling with
crayons on the lounge wall.

Now Rick is 25 maybe 26. He is a good catholic boy and his GF by all
accounts is the same breed. He is doing the “right thing” by asking her
father before asking her.

I just cant get my head around it. In my Ari Gold mind, I ask the girl, she
says yes (I hope) and WE tell the respective parents what we are planning to

Is that just a new age thing? Perhaps a Jewish thing ? or am I missing the
point completely?

I am not one for the institution of marriage. I believe its past its sell by
date and no one person is made to last together with another for eternity.
Sometimes just a year can be an eternity with the wrong person.

So I sit and wonder. Will the day come when I shit my pants too ?


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