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EMINEM stormed out of the MTV Movie Awards last night – after SACHA BARON
COHEN landed on his face.
The rapper was in the audience at the star-studded US event when Cohen – in
the guise of gay Austrian fashionista Bruno – was lowered on a harness
directly onto an appalled Eminem.
Debate is currently raging in the US over whether Eminem was in on the
Wearing angel wings and a thong that revealed more than it concealed, Bruno
took flight in the auditorium before the ropes holding him aloft began to
give way.
Stars such as CAMERON DIAZ and Star Trek’s ZACHARY QUINTO laughed in
amazement when Cohen’s hapless catwalk commentator singled out Eminem for
Bruno was heard screaming “Aarh! My kugelsack! My kugelsack!” as he slowly
dropped headfirst towards the Lose Yourself star.
He further screamed in feigned agony: “Help me! Let me down! One of the
wires is trapped around my kugelsack!”
as Bruno straddled the rapper in a position commonly practiced by lovers in
the bedroom, he said simply: “Eminem, nice to meet you.”
But the rapper apparently didn’t see the funny side – and neither did his
chunky friends.
He screamed for Bruno to get off him – shouting “Are you serious? Are you
f****** serious?” – as he pushed his head back to avoid contact with Cohen’s
naked bottom. Even the no-nonsense attempts by Eminem’s minders to free
their boss didn’t stop Bruno’s jibes. He said: “Hey, don’t touch me guys! I
already have a boyfriend. Hey guys, let’s continue this in my hotel room.”
Once freed, Eminem and his entourage stood up in fury and stormed out of the
But as the rapper shot to his feet, it was Bruno who had the final word,
quipping: “Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?”

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