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Happy Abortion recovery month. A #poem.

By 24th April 2010 No Comments

There once was a slattern with many diseases
No morals, no dignity, and no savior named Jesus
As she went a-whorin’ with all of mankind-a
Original sin spread all through her vagina.   And lo, in her womb did she carry a life
Which was then torn from God with a dull, dirty knife
The Devil danced around this child molester
Who murdered her own baby in the 2nd trimester

What punishment is fit for this sick, sinful flaw?
Let us consult the Biblical Law:
Jezebels – if you’ve murdered your fetus
You will burn in Hell forever. And your unborn baby will rot in Purgatory for all eternity. Which maybe seems harsh considering your fetus isn’t a sentient being or capable of committing any sin or even of accepting Jesus, but thems the rules according to God. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device, so please excuse any typo’s made with my man-size fingers on the teeny weeny keyboard

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