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What a pleasure it was speaking to 65 people last week at Vega in Umhlanga on what was an untitled talk on the 4 major threats to advertising and the advertising industrials’ complex of employment.

The “what the actual?”

Well, I spoke on how new tech, new business, ERP software and the freelance movement will and is disputing the way agencies are employing staff. Here is the deck if you are keen to see the headlines.

The event was put on by the team at Digitlab and MC’d by Mike Saunders under the guise of Digital Swarm, an event that runs quarterly in Durban and Johannesburg.

I was amazed at the response I received after the event and the number of email enquiries asking for help in their own agencies, but the best part was that my book [first proof copy] had arrived just before leaving for Durban and I could wave it around when it was relevant to the talk, which it was. A LOT.

Thanks to Thanks to Digitlab, Growthpoint and City Lodge for their sponsorships. #WhatTheFreelance

Here are some images from the evening.

…And the book that eventually was delivered on the day..