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Ladies and gentlemen , I proudly introduce Mr @spillly on drums!

Well not exactly.

Last night I went for my 1st drumming lesson. Not the African drum, but
Drum-kit ala rock stars! Im 35 years old and for the last 34 years I have
always had a fascination of the speed and rhythm that drummers have and have
proudly moshed and head-banged in tune with some of the greats.

Well not exactly.

I was taught last night that most of the modern rock bands’ drummers are
actually self taught and lack many essential skills and tricks of being a
quality drummer. Most drummers cant read music. Neither can I. Most
drummers don’t record on studio albums but get a session drummer in to do
the master recordings as they cant really keep time.

I learnt many things last night, but most importantly I learnt that I have a
full retard left hand and when I’m smashing away in the car during peak hour
traffic, I really have no idea what I’m doing and how incredibly shit I
actually am. On the positive side I do have timing and I can move my feet to
a different beat.

I also learnt that my body is ageing. I got into bed with ringing pulsating
ears and a stiff back from “posture posture posture.”

So I have booked another months worth of lessons and intend pursuing
“smashing the hide” and reading the squiggles on lined pages.

You are never to old to learn. Well at least never too old to realize that
your talents lie elsewhere and beating the steering wheel with your hand
will just have to do.

Drum roll please….

Rock on bitches!



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