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Yesterday, one of my Managers passed away at work.
Now when I say “at work” I mean, he died sitting in his chair in his office.
He fell to the floor, stopped breathing while 2 ladies did mouth to mouth
and CPR to try revive him. Unfortunately he passed away before the Ambulance
and paramedics arrived.

It was a sight. Everyone stopped working and gathered round, as this poor
man lost consciousness and slipped away. We saw him die.

This morning all the staff stood around before work and sang some Zulu
prayers in honour of the deceased. I said a few words and thanked the brave
staff who tried to save him.

Now every-time I walk into his office and over the spot where his body lay
for several hours before the mortuary came to collect the body, I get a cold
chill. He shoes are still lying under his desk.

Business carries on.
His laugh will be missed.
RIP Allan.

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