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3 down, 1 coming up, 5 to go.

By 19th July 2010 No Comments

So on the 10th January 2010, I hesitantly posted a short blog

about my new years resolutions. I figured it would steer me right for the
year and focus on a few issues that aren’t all work related.

A few days later I added this bombshell about Marriage material women.

So Whats been done and Whats kinda half hearted?

A quick review:

1. Paris in the summertime? Well no, and no its not gonna happen but
I’m going to Berlin in October and I was in Tokyo earlier this year so
that’s a “kinda!”

2. See a top 5 band. YES. Seeing Linkin Park soon. So fuck you. (now
THAT’s arrogance!)

3. Buy more property. Errr no. and again errr ….NO.

4. More meaningful sex. Again, unfortunately not. All the woman I’ve
attracted are slags. YES I’m the common denominator and yes we can discuss
it at length, but just not now. Moving on…

5. Trust more. I think I’m ok with that. People don’t trust me but I
know what you did last summer… and last Saturday night and I’m not

6. Smoke in moderation. Check!

7. Write more quality blogs. Well this is quality aint it ?

8. Leave work if bored. Not as easy as it sounds, but I have had a few
snoozes at my desk. Ok that’s a lie. Bring me another coffee…

9. And lastly , date more “Marriage material women”. Now that’s a
total fail. But maybe I need to re-evaluate what marriage material is. Im
aiming high and hitting nothing. Aim lower ? nah… I want it all.

So there it is. Not that exciting but at least I have it down on paper to
review again.

Whats your excuse?


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