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Brent Spilkin

on an island, looking for hula girls…

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So this time tomorrow or thereabouts Im gonna be on the indian ocean island
of Mauritius!
Sitting at my desk now, this is a world away and my only concern is how
quickly this week will fly by!
Apparently the new club med is only 65% full so deals are a-plenty so come
join us on a sea sand and hopefully sex extravaganza.
(or maybe it will be sleeping under the palm trees with an i-pod and warming
Either way.. so long suckers!!
If im lucky there will be decent connectivity and ill keep ya updated!

not sure that the new U2 album is Magnificent, at all…

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Just bought the new U2 CD, (free birthday gift voucher!)
I decided to buy it as It’s a pre-requisite to have in any decent collection
and I went thru a massiv! U2 phase, like in the 90’s!
So listening to it and yes its bono, and yes it sounds like U2 but am I
moved ?
Moved like hearing the last Kings of Leon Cd?
Ah.. sadly I have to say No!
So my advice: don’t bother putting a few more Pounds into the famous
foursomes accounts..