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Get. Shit. Done.

Posted on March 5th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Mentoring, Motivation. No Comments

The single biggest contributor to success in a business is your attitude towards everything and everyone and your ability to Get Shit Done. G.S.D. As a business owner you are responsible for multiple tasks and responsibilities and GSD applies to every aspect of your business. Getting Shit Done entails asking questions when you are unsure […]

Get Shit Done.

Posted on November 13th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Mentoring. 2 comments

I have heard it several times from numerous successful business owners and MD’s that they would unquestionably always hire Grit over skills and experience.   It was Justin Spratt who once told me that in his interview process he tries to establish a high GSD factor. Being a business coach I should know what a […]

The only equation that really matters.

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  Everyone who owns or runs a family business wants to grow his or her business. The first thing I try establish with new clients is what their appetite for growth really is and what their definition of growth in the coming months would look like. I’m always amazed at how clearly undefined each person’s growth […]