Spillly with 3 Ls

My friends

Craig Rodney

Managing Director, Cerebra Communication

You get different kinds of smart people. Some are smart because they read books and talk philosophically about the world. Others, like Brent (aka Spillly), are smart because they know how to get things done, how to achieve real results, and how to have ideas that translate into working practice. This is the best kind of smart.

Don Packett

Co-Founder, 21Tanks

Spillly is the smartest SKG (skinny-kosher-ginger) I’ve ever met. He’s my second favourite Heeb, right behind Natalie Portman. In fact, if he was behind Natalie Portman, I’d do them both.

Joanne Lurie

Senior Producer 3Talk, Urban Brew

He’s a masterful linguist who is able to pick up languages at an unprecedented speed. Within hours of landing in Germany, he was communicating with Japanese locals at a sushi restaurant, feverishly repeating “Nein Sesame”.
He has the best taste in music, barring the very questionable Patrick Swayze song I found on his iPod.

He has an extraordinary sense of adventure, even once allowing me to lift him like Baby in Dirty Dancing (with a ceiling fan just inches above his head).

You learn a lot about a person when you see how they react in a traumatic situation and having shared a near arrest with Spillly, I now know that Ginger’s tears look just like everybody else’s.

He’s funny, he’s filthy, he’s irreverent, he’s the guy you call when you’re having the world’s shittiest day. There’s no problem that can’t be fixed with cold beer and Spillly.

Justin Spratt

Agency CEO Quirk

super smart. great problem solver. very creative. integrous.

Nicole Da Silva

5fm Presenter

Besides the fact that he has a fantastic dry wit, Brent is also opinionated and smart. What I like about him is that he doesn’t follow the pack blindly, but instead takes his time to look at the facts and form his own well thought out opinion. He’s comfortable in his own skin and skinny jeans. He has a good balance between being analytical and creative and great taste in music (besides that angry girl stuff)

He’s a fantastic friend and good human, even with the three “Ls”. If there was ever someone you’d want by your side in your corner, he would be that person. He’s by far one of my favourite people.

Paul Thackwray

GM of Columbia/ Epic Africa

I first met Spillly face to face when he was on a date with Nicole Da Silva, who I know well from 5fm .. despite his in person persona being decidedly less risqué than his twitter feed might indicate, Brent Spilkin didn’t disappoint. A fast thinking, fast tracked kind of guy, I look forward to his company, insights and madness regularly.

Richard Mulholland

Founder – Missing Link

I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what it is I love so much about Brent, at first I figured that it was his sense of humour, then I thought it was all the sound business advice he has given me over the years, then I guessed that it must be the fact that he’s one of the people you could call anytime for anything, but then I figured it out, the real thing I love about Brent…

…is his girlfriend.

 Kgomotso Mautloa

Creative Director – Green Robot Design

Spillly is probably the coolest dude I know. He’s a mixture of smart and cool, ‘SMOOL’,
I’ve learnt a lot from Spillly’s approach to business and his acumen within both the business sector and more importantly the creative sector. I’m glad to have met such a inspiring and talented individual.