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In 1989, Mr Lacy-Smith, my youthful English school teacher taught me only 2 things that I will never forget;

  1. KIS(S) Keep It Simple (Stupid)
  2. Life is tough, Africa is tough, and this is Africa! (“Africa” was his cane when corporate punishment was still a thing!)

The Five Year Mark keeps to the KIS(S) principle and is simple, but not in the negative connotation of the word. Its simplistically beautiful in the way Mike has delivered his learning’s through story telling and honesty. I spend my life coaching business owners that are like-minded to Mike and who would greatly appreciate and benefit from some of the agency life wisdom Mike shares. Mr Lacy-Smith would be proud.

You know how sometimes you read business books and they make a great point right in the opening pages and then labour on with 15 more chapters proving their point (which you already believed in)? Well, this is not one of those books. Mike has increased the number of chapters but kept them short and to the point, each one being a unique idea or realisation and then he moves on quickly. There is a lot to absorb and take notes on especially for young budding entrepreneurs, regardless of their industry, that want to grow their own organisation.

From Leadership, operations, culture to failure, the content covers the hard truths of starting a business, hiring and caring for people and the value of communicating an overarching strategy and even though Mike gives away some valuable Intellectual property, its forthright and sincere. I’m an uncomplicated man who enjoys reading business books that don’t take months to complete or frustrate me. I want to learn, I want insight and I want to put the book down having enjoyed the journey.

Life is Tough, Africa is tough and this is Africa and yet Digitlab has thrived in its first 5 years in Africa. The Five Year Mark delivers value in spades and is a timeless business book that is not localised in nature. Here is to the next 5 years and the on-going success of Digitlab, I can’t wait to read the 10 Year Mark.

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