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the Crime stats. The service delivery.

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Good Morning South Africa,

I run a “small family” business.

Its incredibly tough to make an honest living at the moment. 
The Recession is real. 
The Recession hurts.

in the past 3 weeks we have had 3 armed robberies. A total loss of over R100,000 has been experienced, besides the costs of getting the equipment replaced and the time dealing with Police, ADT and the likes which is non income producing, its a Headache.

yesterday we had a vehicle hijacked and all the stocks stolen. another R20k gone. My insurance company are raising their eyebrows and believe me my next premium renewal is gonna be sky-high.

We have lost 3 days full production in the last month due to no power at work.
My average Labour costs about R 2000 an hour to pay, regardless if we make stock or not.
besides pissing off clients who are now not getting stocks cause we are unable to make them, we are still paying for numerous other “overhead” costs which are due, again regardless of production or not.

add to this the stupid amount of public holidays and guess what? we working to pay staff and the government only.
pay your taxes and get what in return?
escalating crime, poor to no service delivery and declining lifestyle.

Yes i have my “emigration face” on.
hello… is that the Australian embassy…?

you forcing me to “create” job LOSS and take my skills and remaining money OUT the country.
I dont want to, but you starting to leave me NO OPTION.


2 responses to “the Crime stats. The service delivery.”

  1. john says:

    sorry palnot worth the ball achect awaits your creative brains and linguistic mastery

  2. sacksinthecity says:

    Tax money is like hush money, you pay it, they leave you alone.

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