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The Accidental Entrepreneur | Gabriella Brondani #ProudProfile

Posted on July 15th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Lifestyle, Motivation, Social Media, Twitter. 3 comments

  Gabriella Brondani, affectionately known as “Gabbi” to her friends, colleagues and clients, never set out for a career in PR, let alone starting up and running her own business in the PR space. She landed in PR purely by accident. Her idea was to finish high school and get into advertising or law. As […]

Mobile Photographer, Instagramer and Social Media Hustler | Alessio La Ruffa #ProudProfile

Posted on July 12th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Mentoring, Motivation, photography, Social Media. 1 Comment

    Having grown up with a name that was hard for kids to pronounce at school, Alessio grew up as somewhat of an introvert. The world inside his head was far more interesting than the one around him. Quite ironic that he became involved in social media, where he gets to be social with […]

Form Meets Function | Kgomotso G. Mautloa #ProudProfile

Posted on July 9th, by spillly in Business, Coaching, Mentoring, Motivation, Social Media. No Comments

“I have worked in various divisions of the design and branding industry, designs agencies, publications and branding strategy agencies. I’m an accomplished designer, creative director and brand consultant. The goal is working towards building a fully fledged multimedia agency. To create awesome award winning designs, designed by our very own creative talent here in South […]