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The importance of storytelling and authentic leadership by Kevin Welman

Kevin’s presentation was entitled ‘Importance of storytelling and authentic leadership’ and covered the importance of good storytelling in your business and the duties that MD’s and business owners have to become authentic story tellers. Check out the full presentation here: The importance of storytelling and authentic leadership by Kevin Welman from Brent Spilkin   The overriding […]

It’s too late to be scared. | Raffaele Mc Creadie | #ProudProfile

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I have always had a burning ambition to be an entrepreneur even from a young age. I recall selling chewing gum in high school at a “premium” to my peers who were hellbent on impressing the opposite sex – it was a perfect model. I kicked off my advertising career learning how to sell in […]

Mr Nic Haralambous Founder of NicSocks.com speaks!

Nicholas Haralambous is the founder of the online fashion company, NicSocks.com. Nic was the CEO and co-founder of Motribe, the mobile community platform, before the company was successfully acquired by the social network, Mxit in October, 2012. He also founded ForeFront Africa consulting firm before selling that business to Imperial Holdings. He was selected as […]


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What do you get when cross and Irishman and a Leb? A Lebrachaun. That’s me, but at heart I’m a proud South African.  I am in love with all things Jozi. Having lived in the inner city for a few years fueled my addiction to the hustle and bustle of city life. Although, I recently […]

By the book, what’s that? | You&Me Design #ProudProfile

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  Meg and Jen, co-owners of You&Me Design, spend an incredible amount of time together and don’t do anything by the book. And thus decided to write each other’s bios, because who knows you better than your business partner, right? Meg, fondly known as Midgy by her closest friends, is a passionate “little” package. She […]

The only equation that really matters.

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  Everyone who owns or runs a family business wants to grow his or her business. The first thing I try establish with new clients is what their appetite for growth really is and what their definition of growth in the coming months would look like. I’m always amazed at how clearly undefined each person’s growth […]