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Giraffes don’t need lists.


Every January, every year, everyone writes a blog post that either reflects on the previous year or talks about how they will dominate the world in the coming one. Or both. This blog post is neither.

T.I.L.T. or Things I Learned Today, is a list I started in March 2014 where I just wrote down a simple heading of anything I learned on that day. It was not a goal of mine to write 5 new items a day or learn 1000 new things in the year but just a way to jog my ageing memory of interesting facts and knowledge sound-bites that I was exposed to.

I have stopped adding dates to the list, now it’s just a running register in no particular order except the newest additions are added to the bottom.

So “why?” I hear the masses asking.

For me its a business tool. I only write down ideas, methodologies, templates and resources that will help me, help my clients in their own businesses. There is so much information and good practise that should enrich so many smaller or immature businesses and I am the conduit to passing on these established thoughts to improve their businesses and ultimately their lives.

So “how does this help me?” I hear the masses asking.

There is an old Albert Einstein adage that says “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” How do you know that you are still learning or at what pace you are learning? I’m not talking about formal education but life education where you self teach and deliberately force yourself to improve and remain relevant. If you can log what you learn you give yourself a sense of pride and confidence in that you are relevant and valuable to society and your career.

You learn something new everyday regardless of whether you are aware of it or not but most of the knowledge is useless and wasted, so forcing yourself to be aware of personal growth and taking in information that will better your life and add value to those around you is a “no brainer!”

Start a TILT list for yourself, your employees or your family – make it an event and make it public. Review the list often and enrich your conversations and lives!


If you want more info about this please contact me here.

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