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Nobody cares.

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So everyone has a blog.
Nobody cares about your damn blog.
We all just care about our own damn blog.
Blogs are as common as toilet paper, but you still have to wipe your arse.
So read my blog.

As I get older, jaded, cynical and balder, I realize that very few people
genuinely care.
There are a handful of them around. They sit in your circle of trust. The
reason they care, the only reason they care is because you care, about them.
No other reason. Unless they are psycho. That can happen.

Welcome to my life
Population: about 1000.
People that care: 6, maybe 7.
And me. That’s 8.

Half of you need a hug. Some of you need a shag. Most of you need a good

5 responses to “Nobody cares.”

  1. Lee-Anne says:

    But what if I care in a stalker way? Does that still count as caring, or does that just mean that you don’t care about caring, stalking psychos?And I like your blog. I like it when you make typos because your man sized fingers are too big for the teeny weeny blackberry buttons and when you have crazy, funny articles that make me think your world is probably way cooler than mine.. But maybe you don’t care that I care? And if you don’t care, well then… shame on you šŸ˜‰

  2. Dont Let me waste Your time says:

    im hurt that nobody read my blog. oh wait, no one cares…

  3. Lana says:

    Some person just said he was concerned about me being off sick from work yesterday…he is a creep and only cares for sickness. Maybe he needs a shag? I don’t care.

  4. onelargeprawn says:

    I care…about bacon.

  5. FarmGirl says:

    Make that 9.

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